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Thomas B. Reverdy, winner of the Interallié Award


After New York in 2010 (Back of the World), Japan in 2013 (vaporized), Detroit in 2015 (It was a cityThomas Reverdy Finds Discontent in winterIn the winter of 1978-1979 in England, Interallié 2018, when The Clash called "London's Burning". A common theme among these novels: the dehumanization of a world where people are trying to protect their humanity. However, a journey through time, as Reverdy has done to us.

The first Thatcher years. Workers and Conservatives, strikes and strikes, a turning point between Pink Floyd and Joy Division. A world goes mad, the other is born; Social classes explode in consumer individuals, freedom is crushed with money. Candice is 20. "Waiting for something to happen", discontent firing the frozen winter. It will not be disappointed: there will be discontent by a disgruntled anti-worker policy. Jones, not his friend, his girlfriend 40 years old. Everybody has a double life. He is a theater and bicycle courier for music and office workers. When they leave throughout the novel, they meet in London to shake London and in one of the boxes in Nakingingale where independent rocks replace the temporary explosion of the punk.

World is running away

He has desires, he regrets. Both want to escape from what must be in order to be themselves. While Candice is on stage, the woman plays Richard III as a male (in Shakespeare, the phrase that gives her name to novel, "Her power and the other who are drunk by the weaknesses of her)", says Margaret Thatcher. Eliminates everything that prevents it from entering its cruel power and throne. He will lead the country as a family market. Surrounded by death, Richard III said, bir My kingdom is my horse. Öl My kingdom for my kingdom, Thatcher said Great Britain. "Money," he said a few years ago he made a noise in Pink Floyd's cash drawer. The crisis, the word that has been lost for many years, is turning a fragmentation. Candice and Jones will learn that there is nothing permanent: neither employment, nor ideas, nor love, and this life is only a long-term internship. It was cold and deaf discontent. In this world, the opposite of everything is possible in the term of love is broken. If Jones likes Candice, not Candice who loves Jones, you know. But not both at the same time. Listen to theater, music, novel, looks like Reverdy.


A beautiful story written in the tone of a gentle despair resigned, like the eyes of Candice, like the lives of non-heroes who run to find the meaning of their lives. It's a good idea for each episode to take place under the title of a song: Cure, Marianne Faithfull, David Bowie, Sex Pistols, Siouxie and Banshees … The playlist is quite sinister, evoking this time that the author does not know is just a distance from the air and the air (Reverdy four in 1978 age was).

In English, it is enough to join now for here (now and now) nowhere (Nowhere). What if Thatcher's years are telling us here and now? Those who said that they could change the world and say, "Let's do a clean sweep from the past." No future. from Broken EnglishBoth slogans came together. The difference between the generation of the seventies and today's. The characters of Reverdy don't like themselves or money; it had become a universal sign of our desires and identity, without a moment and a future.

Thomas B Reverdy, "discontent winters", Flammarion, 220 pages, 18 euros.

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