Tuesday , August 9 2022

They travel around Belle-Isle Lake for the month without tobacco


November Tobacco Free Month. A non-smoker standing for a month is five times more willing to do something good.. In Châteauroux, smokers were supported on Wednesday (November 7th). They were able to walk four miles ahead of Belle-Isle Lake and were introduced to health workers throughout the course.

There was the first booth where the profile of each smoker was determined by Châteauroux's hospital staff. He calculates blows on a device Carbon monoxide ratio. He is responding a test that determines dependence With questions like: "How long after you wake up, you smoke your first cigarette?".

Agnès, who had been a smoking Castelroussine for about 25 years, did this test. The result: a moderate dependency. "I'm not ready to stop yet, but I want to smoke less. Sometimes I go there. My package can make me three to five days"says.

Some reserves are now covered by the Health Insurance.

Dr. Boutaleb advises found replaces nicotine, gums or patches. At the same time, Agnes' e also gives a hint to avoid disappointment as it is to other smokers. "She can have a vase at home, something transparent. We put five euros and five euros each day. At the end of the week, we take this money back and have fun.Boutaleb.

Then there is Carine Freyrard, a midwife with a pregnancy and a tobacco stand. substitutes for pregnant women are also possibleThese women warned against passive smoking. "We do not know what is currently in it because I do not recommend electronic cigarettes for pregnant women"warns the midwife.

In the rest of the course, smokers can learn the themes "How do I request for tobacco?""Food and tobacco"or to learn Pilates.

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