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The Walking Dead season 9 episode 6: analysis and reviews

After an intense and successful episode with Rick's departure last week, we should not expect a miracle for The Walking Dead, the sixth must be below, but at least its goal is clear: give 6 years later, when launching new potential customers and asking new questions .

For those who are still curious about Rick's condition, according to the actor's testimony, he will never come back on the show, but as described in the previous article, the three films will chase after him for his adventures. Helicopter takeoff and one or more of these films is possible to redraw the path of Michonne and perhaps other characters.

For at least 6 years, we'll explain a long absence of Rick, and yes, the movies should catch up with this leap over time.

Michonne, the head was held and his heart broken

The Walking Dead season 9 episode 6 critical analysis and theories

Let's go back to chapter 6 with a Michonne deeply impressed by what Rick thinks is his death. He talks with him not only in front of the destroyed bridge, but also in his own room.

Incidentally, this destroyed bridge says a lot from the beginning of the chapter. In six years, it hasn't been rebuilt, which implies that no effort has been made to try to rebuild Carl and Rick's dreams.

Michonne is a survivor and continues to advance for Judith and Rick's memory. The sheriff's adhering to a small figure or Rick's shirt emphasizes how he was affected six years after his disappearance.

Although the new hairstyle is quite nice, I followed Michonne in this episode, especially I felt an impression of déjà-vu.

The theme of the new survivor group, which is either accepted or rejected, is often discussed in the series, and the hesitation between Michonne's distrust and solidarity is very direct in the 8th season of Rick.
Undoubtedly, despite the fact that it was an important event that occurred in the last six years and explained its insecurity, I had a feeling of warmth.

The Walking Dead season 9 episode 6 critical analysis and theories

We can assume that the injury was explained by a deception and serious aggression after trusting foreigners.

Will Judith and Henry replace Carl?

The person who carries his ideal to Carl of course is Judith. All in all, the young actress is performing well, but let's say that Negan is more convincing in a dialogue than a skillfully talented character with the problem of mathematics and stray dogs around a 357 magnum python colt.

As for how the pistol was recovered, it is clear that it had been projected from Rick and had to find the traces of his body.

We know that the story of Robert Kirkman, the creator of comic books and screenwriter, is always the story of Rick & # 39; s story, Carl & # 39; s story. The decision of this series to replace Carl with the death of Judith and Carl is probably due to a child's desire to return to the essence of history, as I think of being unnecessary and disappointed.

The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 6 Critical Review

In the meantime, we can assume that some intrigues surrounding Carl can be reported in Henry …

In all of this, Rick continues to see which place will be reserved for Junior. Indeed, as I suspected, when Michonne disappeared he had to give in to pregnant Rick and this little boy of 6 years old had to give Michonne a lot to continue.

Negan better!

With regard to Negan, he is better than six years. It looks much quieter. Indeed, I absolutely agree that Maggie is honest that he pleads to kill him in chapter 5 and that there are no plans as some would have assumed.

The story about this stray dog, who shouldn't be able to collect, is probably a real memory of childhood, but it might be something to tell about the famous mystery event that revealed Michonne and her insecurities. wound.

The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 6 Critical Review

Still new characters?

As for the new group of characters, I admit that it is only moderately relevant. Truth be told, TWD is already suffering from a lot of characters, which is quite frustrating because of the untapped potential for most people. However, the great stories may be related to this group, whose dominant personalities are clearly the moment of Magna and Luke.

Up until now, to emphasize Michonne's insecurity, they are used first and foremost in a very concrete way to launch Siddiq on the road to the Hill. I guess not everyone will survive this season, go ahead, bets are open for comment!

Before coming to the top and Maggie's question, return to the first images of the episode that revealed the Daryl mode to "Koh Lanta without rice bag".

The death of Rick could be the conditions that drove Daryl to isolate himself in this way. Clearly, his efforts to survive in society entered into smoke with his brother. Eventually Daryl went on with the smoke in his vision, we understand, Rick lives and is good.

Apparently, in the next chapter we'll see a lot more about Daryl. This book is a chapter 7 led by the late Abraham's commentator Michael Cudlitz.

The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 6 Critical Review

After Michonne and Daryl leave Michonne and Daryl after the departure, it is not neutral to emphasize that Carole and Andrew Lincoln will try to fill the big gap left by the decision. .

Carole aka Double Face

Carole, let's talk about this. Of course he will comment on his wig. Although short hair may seem like a better idea to me, in the end, it doesn't matter. Most of all, during the six years of Ezekiel's life, he could have seen the physical expression of the influence he inevitably had in his Queen.

Little Henry was a great teenager, and if you're wondering how such an actor can find it, it's the simple brother of the previous one. Another constant, for now, still unbearable.

Despite an inflamed result, I must say that I was quite cold when confronting several survivors. It's a lot of tension, but it's a pretty quick way for writers to separate the fate of Jed and Regina.

The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 6 Critical Review

Finally, it is to show the audience that Carole will remain as Carole with an almost double identity. The duality of the character had already marked us among homemade cookies and cold-blooded murders.

This time, we find Carole in both modes of revenge, between his need to keep a low profile to protect Henry and to permanently remove a threat.

The only difference is that Carole seems to come from a crossover between Robin Hood and the little house in the meadow. What do you want, as a great philosopher wrote, we do not change, we only wear the other suit (Aheum).

Finally, we find Michonne and his company on one side, and Carol and Henry on the other hand, slowly going up the hill.

Beware, compare with the series will discuss the status of the Maggie interpreter since a slight warning spoiler!

It's Maggie! Or not.

Most audiences expect Maggie to always be at the top of Hill; especially when Michonne means convincing the leader of this community to meet Magna's group.

The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 6 Critical Review

Nevertheless, the surprise was the last of Lauren Cohan, episode 5 & # 39; s commentator, Maggie's commentator, until further notice. Unlike Rick, this is a character that needs to come back, but in summary, another woman is going up the hill.

Two prominent candidates are Tara and Enid. Tara seems to be more likely since the index targets Enid as a carer.

Rosita, Eugene and zombies are chatting

Unless it was once customary, the most interesting and promising aspect of the episode comes to us from the deceptions of Rosita and Eugene.

In the meantime, Father Gabriel and Rosita are not convinced by me, but hey, after a long time the priest's veiled eye must believe that it hurt the woman.

Eugene is the most changed person in the last six years. He has almost forgotten his legendary cowardice, confronts solo hikers, and even likes to climb up a staircase with no one in the head.

When we talk about the ladder, we re soften the damage of a fall and a series, obviously, a little big. If Eugene Rosita didn't want her to replace the ladder …

The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 6 Critical Review

Instead of bail, he was forced to accuse Rosita of choosing her to Eugene. For a long time, probably since Eugene, he was voyeur during the antiquity of Rosita with Abraham.

In addition to this funny love triangle, the attempt to expand the access of radio waves will actually try to communicate with a new community, but there will be no such thing as Baba Gabriel would imagine.
Warning, new spoiler warning about comics!

First contact with the whisperers! We'll see how long the characters will assume an evolutionary march, but not too much, I hope.

According to some actors, the performance of Samantha Norton in the role of Alpha would be just awful, so we just hope that the arrival of these iconic evils will be destroyed in series, as in the series. comic book.

The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 6 Critical Review

Daryl, storing the risk

As I told you, the next chapter should make Daryl proud. If we could keep a small message that we saw the character in this chapter 6, it would adapt the hiker to nature while making a food tank for birds.

Obviously, the virus is a curse for humanity, but perhaps our planet's great pollution from our societies may eventually have a chance. Daryl sees this new world as a kind of guard, perhaps worried about protecting this balance.

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