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"The last of these elders" greets fans

Solidarity AIDS in Africa In the evening, Alain Bashung supports the Olympia in the evening. – LYDIE / Attias / SIPA

  • Alain Bashung & # 39; s deadly album was released this Friday, ten years after his death.
  • 20 minutes They want the fans of the singer to know if she's like Johnny's, and they're planning to jump for their release.

About ten years after his death,
Fans of Alain Bashung have not forgotten. Alain Bashung & # 39; s latest album, released this Friday, is eagerly awaited by fans. This album collects songs written between 2005 and 2007, which are not selected by the artist for their recent work. Oil blueLaunched in 2008. 20 minutes In March 2009 she asked the fans of the lost artist what they thought of the release of this album.

"I'm waiting for this album to be released. Styro was a true artist and poet. Two titles have already been published on YouTube. Immortals and He says the same words to me. "Song ImmortalsI've listened more than 300 before. Finally, Alain Bashung says, "Dimitri. These new songs" are a real pleasure. I stood in an area that listened to the tracks and the effect was instant, Bashung's very special voice caught me. These two titles are pure Bashung, "he greets Marc. I Maer is waiting to listen to the whole album:" We'll see right now. Bu Immortals I did not convince me, I prefer the version of Dominique A. "

"I'm still waiting for a lot of Bashung posthumous albums"

At the beginning of this recording, Chloé Mons, the only female ruler of the last woman and the artist, was happy. "Let's say that his widow is dating this album for money, I don't care. The important thing is the emergence of these beautiful songs. And I'm still waiting for many Bashung posthumous albums," says Dimitri. Other unpublished tracks of the artist will find re-publications and bonuses in boxes that will be released for the tenth anniversary of Alain Bashung's death in March 2019.

Who is he, known? "

Radek, as part of his, "doesn't see the commercial aspect of this version but can't see it," he believes, believing that it was Christmas for a few weeks and "got tired of the hyperstylized productions of his latest albums," he admits. Iyor I don't see a faith, but it's a gift on the contrary,, he refuses Marc. . Time passes quickly. Parisian It's Thursday. And he's right. Who is he, known? "Wonders under the Tigris
Alain Bashung's call today to testify, published on the website 20 minutes.

in controlsFlow direction, one of the most important characters, guitarist, director and producer Edith Fambuela, Military FantasyOne of Bashung's most memorable albums and one of his biggest hits, I'm lying at night. A choice that is unanimous. "His tremendous talent solely solves bravo made by Chloé Mons to address this wonderful woman, this wonderful woman."

Twenty or more unfinished pieces, Edith Fambuela has only eleven names. Most of the models were available in guitar sound. These songs were signed by Dominique A, Antwerp Joseph, Daniel Darc, Raphael, Mickael Furnon (Mickey 3D), Arman Méliès or Doriand. Will this posthumous album respond to expectations? Christoo, "A Bashung album is always an event whether or not to succeed."

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