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Telecommunication to stop sick leave, which is one of the traces of the mission initiated by Matignon

Paris, 14 November 2018 – According to a working document of the AFP, experts appointed by Prime Minister Philippe Philippe supported several "lines of thought", including telework. It was provided on Tuesday.

Édouard Philippe at the end of Septemberremote work"as one"alternatives to short working posture".

Adapted to telework ırspatient's condition"The prescribing physician may check this new box on the job stop notification in the future.

A solution that can be used in contextlong pauses"pathologies"compatible with the continuation of the activity"Experts say.

"We should see how we will continue to do business, including teleworking."Tuesday, Philippe Philippe at RTL supported the runway,"interesting".

Jérôme Vivenza finds this in the CGT "very blurry"and wonders:"How can a doctor write a tele-work when an employee does not know his work in detail?"

Another offer for savings, experts "Simplify calculations"Claims"for the shortest stops"Today, the case is quantified.

They mentioned what was possibleMarket packing"Daily allowances for pauses between 1 and 30 days at a meeting with union officials and employers on Monday.

"According to them, short stops are blocking Social Security, which has to process payment slips."Catherine Pinchaut (CFDT) reports.

According to the Health Insurance, 1 to 30 days of sick leave represents almost 75% of the total number of stops corresponding to only 18% of the expenditure.

Planned package "still blurred", would be on the basis of"0.5 to 0.9 Smic"by"salary bracesJean-François Gomez (CFE-CGC) says.

Today, benefits are limited to 1.8 times the amount of Smic for the calculation, which corresponds to 50% of the basic daily wage.

"We will not provide any guarantee, which leads to a reduction in the rate of protection of the insured"The Serge Legagnoa (FO) warned.

Other parts, "convergenceThe waiting period between public (one day) and private (three days) is examined.

The mission's three reporters, Jean-Luc Bérard, HR Manager of the Safran industrial group, Stéphane Seiller, head of the magistrate's court in the Court of Accounts, and Stéphane Oustric, professor of medicine at the University of Toulouse.equity demand".

They are offering a delay2-3 days for everyone"or"suppression"This buffer period before the payment of compensation is pure and simple.

They insist "controversial activity"to encourage placation, and there is none in Alsace-Moselle.

On behalf of equity these experts are consideringmake more universalDurumunda Compensation payment paid by many companies in case of an illness "9 million people"According to them.

In order to shorten the deadline for the payment of sickness allowance per day – on average 30 days – reporters are also offering "Extend or even generalize subrogation"the fact that employers pay compensation to employees.

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