Thursday , August 5 2021

tariff increased in sight for 2019

The government gave green lights to motorway companies, excluding inflation, from 0.1% to 0.39%, starting in 2019, with the aim of financing a planned 700m-euro program. . The new rates will enter into force on 1 February 2019.

In August, the Ministry of Transport gave a green light for a 700m-euro study on accepted roads. This plan decreased compared to the first project – 1 billion euros before lowering to 800 million – Arafer, the organizer of rail and road activities, thinks that the projected increases are rising. These investments were very important.

The annual price increase is equal to 70% of the rate of change in consumer prices. On November 8, two amendments were published in the Official Gazette, on the other hand the agreements between the State and motorway companies ASF and Escota (Vinci Autoroutes) and APRR and Alan (Eiffage) were updated. on the other hand, as stated JDD. In the appendix on ASF and Escota, for the years 2019-2021, "The annual increase in paid crossings applied to vehicles in class 1 is equal to 70% of the rate of change in prices. and for an increase of 0.15% for Escota, for APRR and the Zone, these increases will be "+ 0.98%" for the first franchisee, and the second will be "+ 0.389%" except for the effect of the unknown inflation.

Approvals were published three months ago. In August last year, the first approvals were released in OJ, which increased between 0.1% and 0.2% for other companies, Sanef and SAPN (Abertis) and Cofiroute (Vinci Autoroutes). Ministry of Transport, "2019 tariffs are not yet fixed," stating, "in general, tariffs annually between the State and concessional companies signed contracts between each year is a strict implementation," he stressed. The studies are related to 23 motorway bridges (compared to the planned planned plan 32) and “facilities for reducing environmental footprint ında (wildlife migration work, processing of stream water). etc.) and development of parking space of 4,500 vehicles.

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