Saturday , November 28 2020

Steven Gerrard, French coaches praise

U19 Liverpool's first coach, Steven Gerrard, had to go to the Rangers last May in Scotland to find the bench of a professional first team. Questioned by France Football The former Red is in a very good position, referring to some French coaches, at the level of their citizens in this position, as there are not many British technicians in the Premier League because there are many foreign technicians and management staff.

" Premier League has the economic power to attract the best managers. You must be realistic. There are better coaches in the world than the British. Patrick Vieira and Thierry Henry in my case. They needed a good club to learn the ship. But there are excellent coaches in France. Didier Deschamps, Zinedine Zidane or Laurent Blanc. In fact, these are very good examples because they have managed to make big managers from big players and move on to big managers. He also received a civil service award from Gerard Houiller, a coach at Liverpool, between 1998 and 2004: He did a lot for me as a player. He changed my mind. His English attitude wasn't good enough before he came. In terms of professionalism made me another player. Michael Owen and Jamie Carragher also took advantage. He made us better. Liverpool 's mentality changed with the transition. "

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