Wednesday , January 20 2021

Route du Rhum: Lalou Roucayrol captain and calling for help – Route du Rhum

Lalou Roucayrol's Multi50 Arkema was captured nearly 1,000 miles away from Guadeloupe on Wednesday. This is the second capsize after Le Cléac.

The new accident on Route du Rhum. This Wednesday at 8:30 am Lalou Roucayrol was about 1000 miles long from the Arkema Multi50, Guadeloupe. The captain quickly contacted the coastal team to announce the return of the trimaran on a very severe grain. The organization of the race states that Lalou Roucayrol is safe on board and a rescue organization has been established. It has water, food but is limited in terms of communication with the outside. Therefore, the 50-meter (15 m) Arkema trimaran is the second vessel of this 11th edition. Armel had broken a float before returning to Le Cléac's Ultimate Banque Populaire IX. Lalou Roucayrol, 54, is not a beginner or Multi50 class rider because he competes on Route 4 and is ranked 2nd in his first row two years ago. Now he is waiting for help to retire to a harbor.

On Tuesday, Lalou Roucayrol released a video that showed a splendid rainbow in the background of the attack in the Atlantic.

Leading the start of the race, he made a stop in Porto to pass the storm, on the advice of his router Eric Mas. And because he's trying to get the leadership back, there's no hope of winning the top six boats in this category, Armel Tripon, Guadeloupe, Thursday is expected to climb step 3. The overall order of the Route du rum and the Multi50 's.

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