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Residents of Fos-sur-Mer have filed a complaint against X

In 2017, it was concluded that women interviewed in Etang de Berre region had three times more cancer than the national average.

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Chimneys of the Kem One site in Fos-sur-mer.

Residents of the industrial zone of Fos-sur-Mer (Bouches-du-Rhône) filed a complaint to the Aix-en-Provence court on Friday (November 9th). "To endanger others' lives" Because of their pollution, they explained the lawyer Julie Andreu. In total, 134 have complained to a calm, six associations and a union, CFDT des Métaux Fos.

"A legitimate and understandable concern has forced many people to participate in this complaint, after the publication of numerous studies demonstrating an increase in the disease of residents in the region"write the complainant in an expression.

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In many cases, the inhabitants of one of the largest industrial zones in Europe have requested that the State be "Do not apply the tools for a real risk assessment". "The immobility of public authorities, associations came together for justice to seize this great health problem"they finalize.

Three times more cancer

Many companies are directly affected by complaints because they do not comply with pre-polluting standards or recommendations for pollutant emissions, such as Esso or Kem One.

The Bouches-du-Rhône Association of Companies (UPE) condemns this legal process: "Industrialists are not murderers!"The PSU made a statement and asked the court to reject the complaint. "The producers of Etang de Berre have regularly invested in favor of reducing air pollution for many years"he defended the inter-professional organization.

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In March 2018, for the first time, through the Regional Health Office (ARS), the State had recognized the health status of the inhabitants of the Fos region. "Weakened" by pollution. A year ago, an independent study "Fos-Epseal" It has been concluded that the women surveyed in the region have three times more cancer than the national average, or 63% of the respondents reported that the disease was a chronic disease against 36% in France.

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