Saturday , July 31 2021


According to estimates by Météo France, Monday's weather will be marked by rains in the south, and in the south from Midi-Pyrénées to Grand-Est.

A discomfort to spread to southern France. From Pays de Loire and northern Aquitaine to the Belgian border, rainy and cloudy weather will be protected for a good part of the day. This active disturbance will extend to the south of Aquitaine, to Limousin, Burgundy and Lorraine.

12 November weather: Météo France

@ Weather France

Clouds and rain in the southeast. It will be more in the north-west quarter, then in the afternoon, in the regions near the Channel of Brittany and in the morning, in the back of the rain zone. Varied in very cloudy periods, punctuated by some thunderstorms. From the south to the southwest, the wind will remain moderate on the Manche coast.

In PACA and Languedoc, clouds will be permanently and sometimes noticeably rained over the reliefs that are more scattered in other places in the southeast of Cevennes and Massif Central.

Strong wind on the Pyrenees. From the Midi-Pyrénées to the Grand-Est, from Rhone-Alpes and Corsica, the weather may look nice. From south to southeast wind, from Midi-Pyrénées to Massif Central and the Rhone Valley, up to 90-100 km / h in the Pyrenees, 70-90 km / h; Autan, Val de Saône from the Rhone Valley.

Temperatures are between 7 and 21 degrees. The minimum temperatures will range from 7 to 14 in most regions, ranging from 15 to 17 in the Mediterranean. The maximum ranges are 15 to 15 degrees north-west to north, 15 to 20 degrees elsewhere, and 21 '' on the skirts of the Pyrenees.

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