Thursday , August 11 2022

Puy-de-Dôme, Allier and Creuse worked for two Puydômois thefts and car fires between


Purposes: Petanque competition It was organized in the Mazirat region of Allier on Sunday (November 4th), last November. Only two friends aged 26 and 28 leave Clermont-Ferrand and have no means of transport. So they stole the first car. To go to the famous competition. On the spot, they stole a new vehicle to be found. Burned in Jaruse, this time Creuse. The two men simply shot the seats with a lighter.

The second vehicle was burned before stopping

6 kilometers from Cressat, trying to steal a new car, without success. Again, they pull out the lighters and burn a fire to clear their traces. At the end of the two non-alcoholic bowls, the gendarmes are stopped early in the morning while walking along the road.

They say they want to find a way back home while in custody.. Two men, already known for justice, are expected to appear on Thursday at the Criminal Court in Algeria.

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