Friday , September 17 2021

PSG: In the Park, Phil Collins’ opening song was deleted in front of the club’s new music strategy

A surprise that Parisian supporters weren’t prepared for. The entrance of the players was not accompanied by a catchy rhythmic introduction for the reception of the season in Strasbourg (4-2) on 14 August, on the occasion of its first match of the season at the Parc des Princes and its reunion with the public. He sang Phil Collins’ traditional “Who’s Gonna Tell”. Instead, a DJ Snake track was heard.

Loyal Parisians were naturally confused. The next day, they thought they would comfort themselves when the Ile-de-France artist admitted on Twitter that he didn’t “understand” the change. The idea of ​​a programming error spread later, and the prospect of finding Phil Collins for Clermont’s arrival by 5pm this Saturday made the episode forget.

But it won’t. At least for the players to enter, because this change is actually part of the club’s new musical strategy. Fabien Allègre, director of diversification of the club, said: “It was definitely not a mistake. I hear that we are very committed to this voice and it is not our will to remove it from all our games. But why can’t we have ‘Go West’? (des Pet Shop Boys) Or is it Phil Collins when the players come to warm up? I got very positive feedback from people who liked the song. “

“Let’s not prevent the club from moving forward without denying its past”

Fabien Allègre has of course received some reproaches from disappointed fans, but he has since claimed to have had “authentic consultations on the matter” with several, including CUP representatives. “We may not agree, but we exchange,” he says. And we will make adjustments. If we find out that it’s not working at all for X or Y, we’ll do it again. But let’s not prevent the club from continuing its journey without denying its past. We wouldn’t be where we are today if we had the same logic for everything we’ve done over the past decade, starting with one of the most important signs, the jersey. “

PSG plans to feature the music production of Ile-de-France as soon as possible. The international star of Val-d’Oise begins with DJ Snake. “We are very proud that a person like him is involved in this project and everyone should be happy,” says Allègre. Before he adds: “We have something to really happen in our role as cultural actors. We have the ability to highlight big international brands, young talents in the field of art or fashion, as well as participate in the expression of the musical talents of Greater Paris. “

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