Tuesday , June 15 2021

Philippe Gildas didn't want his funeral to worry.

A final compliment to Philippe Gildas. The funeral of the legendary Canal + and Europe 1 took place on Monday at the Père-Lachaise cemetery in Paris. The big sound of the station and the long time Philippe Gildas with Catherine Nay, the moment of emotion in this humor is told.

"Philippe didn't want his body to be sad, so Valerie, one of his sons and grandchildren, told us of his own Philippe's life: his life, his remarkable memory, his bad belief. time, and humor, until the end, "Catherine Nay announced on Monday night in Europe 1.

The discourse that ended with the humor of Antoine de Caunes. Ü When he was in palliative care, he was glad that he didn't have to make a speech in front of one of his sons. There, we laughed. Pierre Lescure praised his obsession with knowledge. its on its way to control everything and have so many talents. There, we smiled, "continued the journalist.

Mak Later, Antoine de Caunes, who was assigned to lighten the atmosphere, reminded some resonances, such as interviewing Sophie Marceau and calling her Sylvie, and we still laughed. de Caunes later said the ceremony was secular, not secular. Because Leprêtre was Philippe's last name, he added: the priest is in the box.

We laughed there too, ıyla Catherine Nay said, before making these remarks full of emotions of Philippe's wife, Maryse. And that just said that Maryse will not know how to live. After 36 years of happiness, we all had tears in their eyes. "

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