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Mother's lifestyle affects children's weight

A team from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim explored 4,424 children and parents who followed them for 11 years.

Mother's lifestyle affects children's weight

While Norwegian researchers claim that the mother's lifestyle and habits will affect her child, fathers will have little effect on their children.

During this time, the researchers measured body mass index (BMI) and recorded changes in physical activity and physical activity as well as children's weight.

Results from the BMJ Open magazine showed that the child's weight and physical activity affected the child. The researchers found that between two and six kilograms of weight loss was significantly associated with a lower BMI in children.

Mothers who reduced physical activity during the period tended to see their children's BMI as a teenager.

However, researchers did not realize that the father had any relationship between weight loss and BMI or physical activity.

"Parents have a great influence on the health and lifestyle of their children. Behaviors that cause obesity can be easily transferred from parent to child.Explains Marit Næss.

Næss and her colleagues think that the mother's influence will be stronger because she is usually responsible for organizing meals and activities. When a mother wants to lose weight, they often report that they make minor changes to the diet and lifestyle of the whole family. However, researchers have not included this factor in their studies.

The team did not find any association between high weight loss in parents and children's BMIs, because such severe changes often relate to a specific disease or diet that does not follow this. All the family.

Created on November 22, 2018


Effects of parental lifestyle changes and educational level in adolescents: a population-based group study – The HUNT study, Norway – Marit Naess et al. – BMJ Open 2018; 8: e023406. (accessible online)

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