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Mickey and the stars, a 90 year love story


The famous mouse invented by Walt Disney celebrates this market's 90th birthday. Mickey seduced children … and traveled the world.

On November 18, 1928, Mickey was officially born with the first appearance of the first cartoon in the "Steamboat Willie", a music that was nothing more than Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks' imagined mouse.

In 1934, Mickey will appear in comics for the dedication of a magazine to her in France in 1934: Mickey's Magazine, which always has a good base and remains a phenomenon. d. Children's press in France (97,000 copies a week and 1.3 million readers per week).

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To celebrate the birthday of his character, Mickey's Diary and his sister publications (Giant Mickey Parade, Mickey Junior and the newest My First Mickey Diary) have prepared all-year surprises for their readers. In the spring, after an initial number of 270 pages, 100,000 copies will result in a 420-page count of a printed collector.

A book that aims to seduce a wide listener: In addition to the children, the special issue is to help older children to sayı go back to childhood istem and to meet with the enthusiasm of a large number of fans in France. 's Diary' s editor-in-chief.

This collector's edition includes the board of Floyd Gottfredson, who drew Mickey, 30 years after Walt Disney, and his style reference. He invented the "black ghost", one of Mickey's hardest enemies.

And among the contemporary works, a magnificent story full of poems in the sands of the desert.

Why do the little mouse stories pass the generations?

For Edith Rieubon, the creativity of Walt Disney, which is always focused on innovation (movies, amusement parks, by-products), is true for many, as well as for the "multiple aspects" of the character. with his small group of friends (Minnie, Pluto, Dingo …)

But most importantly, he says, "no matter what happens, we always stay in good spirits, and always go back to Mickeyville before we do too much harm and have had so much."

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