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Michel Cymes' advice to avoid epidemics

Sentinel Network,
INSERM, research and monitoring network covering Public Health France
and Paris medical school. It collects conversations with this site.
allows general practitioners to see what is happening and what
National. If you go for a ride, you'il see.
Suggests different color maps of France: from green to red
It goes through all the shades of orange and I do not know
which diseases are horny in which areas …

And now, you understand?
We consulted a lot for cases of acute diarrhea.
In other words, as in the gastro epidemic
Every year in the heart of autumn. And the advantage of network cards
The guards show us that certain areas are more.
influenced by others.

Corsica spared, Hauts-de-France affected

Right now, you have to find yourself to be safe in Corsica. over
Beauty Island, very few gastro … On the contrary, in Hauts-de-France, Great Est and Provence Côte d & Azur Region virus South Occitania, Perpignan & # 39;

I see myself in necessity
To remind you of the basic actions that do not protect 100% but who do
You can still help, especially if you want to avoid the infectious gastro.

First reflex: itself
wash your hands regularly
. If you can't, think about yourself.
walk together hydro-alcoholic solution. To rub your hands
You feel that you are touching something that is potentially suspicious.

And as you said it all
then, during the gastro all or almost everything suspicious ! Furniture
office, you can squeeze hand to say hello, door handles,
elevator buttons … Personally learned open the doors
Call the elevator by pressing and pressing a button.

Make better food and wash your food

Who says gastro epidemic says changes in our eating habits. How much do you cook
The food is better, especially those of animal origin. also
Be extra vigilant while washing your fruits and vegetables. It's about your protection.
Also protecting your environment.

Because even with the stomach
puts on knees, applying force is not a disaster for an adult
Age on the other hand, can terrible for baby or person
. I embrace under the banner of "fragile people":
Pregnant women, the elderly and those suffering from
Chronic. If you don't do it for yourself, do it for them.

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