Thursday , September 29 2022

Levothyrox's old formula will be available through "2019"


Merck Laboratory, pharmacist AFP Valérie Leto, responsible for Merck, will continue to introduce the oldest formula of Levotirox for French patients. France.

According to Ms. Leto, there will be less than 50,000 boxes per month, a volume that corresponds to "volumes given in 2018" and "patients' requirements", which insists on the "transitional" nature of this period. It should ensure that patients find a permanent alternative solution.

The Supreme Court of Toulouse on Monday limited the obligation of Levothyrox to present its former formula (Euthyrox) to 39 patients from January 1, 2019 over a 3-month period, but the laboratory approved on Tuesday that all prescription patients themselves have been discharged in 2019 & # 39; also can provide.

Ms. Leto AFP said, sunul The old formula will not be available to all patients with a prescription and to 39 patients with regard to the decision of the Toulouse court. Bayan

The laboratory is responding to the National Agency for Medicines and Health Products (ANSM), which is listed at the end of the five-year multi-year solutions for patients with thyroid diseases and confirms the assessment of "other original specialties". or "generic" for the diversification of the therapeutic proposal.

Tedavi Regarding the Euthyrox (equivalent to the old Levothyrox formula), ANSM, New treatment of patients treated by Euthyrox, so that the Merck laboratory can continue its presence in France in 2019, the statement said.

ANSM reminded that "Euthyrox is available in limited amounts for a limited period of time" and that "regular and long-lasting levothyroxine-based drugs should be preferred".

Because the old Levothyrox formula is imported from Germany, Merck does not have a French marketing authority for Euthyrox, it only has the authority to import.

In Germany, the new formula will replace the former in the first half of 2019, but in Merck, 2019, "the imports from other European countries" promised to continue to give French patients the old formula. Leto.

The European Medicines Agency issued a positive opinion in July to launch the new Levothyrox formula in 21 countries.

The laboratory claims that it has not received any requests for the old formula in the transitional countries. Valérie Leto stressed the existence of alternative “sustainable solutions” in related countries such as Switzerland.

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