Tuesday , August 9 2022

Latest industry "Painful" Red Bull


If there is no dream about the position of the pole on a regular basis, the Austrian team will be in second place on Saturday and then try to remove the game. A second line that will not transfer Daniel Ricciardo, punished five places on the start network after the turbo replacement. It was the result of a failure in Mexico City two weeks ago.

"Basically the commissioners were doing their jobs"Sky Sports team manager Christian Horner explains. "There were flames coming from behind him, we can't blame them, the fire extinguisher's foam became hard at the turbo and caused his failure." Renault used a turbo after such an incident, after 400 kilometers, we broke down, we did not want to take risks. "

"I tried to cheer him up, he knows why we gave up, he is extremely frustrating, very motivating for him, he should just close this section and focus on the next one."

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In the second session, Ricciardo, fourth, behind Mercedes, was satisfied with the level of performance and the speed of the car.

"It was a very good afternoon, we took a better step than the morning level"He says Australian. "It's always hard to adjust this car, it's demanding with circuit tires. This afternoon, the car was good, but we were three tenths.

An oil spill dated from Mexico!

Recall was done indirectly, but Red Bull didn't have the highest speed, and once again swallowed the performance of the Renault block. This is why Milton Keynes' team insists on the good behavior in the winding part of the vehicle's layout and the full load challenges to the main load line. "The car is great in the second sector, right at first, but the last one is upsetting us"says Horner.

Max Verstappenhe was delighted to have found "Initially" Efficient car. "We had a good balance in the first session."It says Dutch. "I am embarrassed to miss the beginning of the EL2, I had to make up for the loss of time for my program, I don't think we will fight for the pole position in any case, but the car is in a good window."

The winner of Mexico City in the afternoon was still uncomfortable with an unexploded oil spill. "At the front of the engine, there was an oil rig that leaked in the first session, the mechanics found a crack, it was in Mexico!" Horner reveals.

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