Wednesday , December 2 2020

Justice orders the abolition of a central Leclerc

The domination of a temporary judge ordered Toulouse to unblock Socamil, the logistics platform of E. Leclerc. (Picture) – F. Scheiber / SIPA

Since the launch of the "yellow vests", E. Leclerc's logistics platform
Haute-Garonne, which is the Socamil in Tournefeuille, is one of the areas targeted by the movement.

On Tuesday, centralized purchasing decided to appoint seven people who were recognized by masters, including Facebook, and asked the court to order the abolition of the blockage. A request that the judge listens to the interim measure. On Wednesday, he banned the prohibition of the platform.

1000 Euro penalty per hour

Etki He ordered the protestor per 1000 protesters and a charge of up to 1,000 euros per hour. This is of interest to anyone who blocks the platform or traffic. The force must remain in the law. Mas the losses between millions of euros are equivalent, arasındaki he says.

Second, he stated that he would not hesitate to implement this system and to follow the blockers.

Several members of the yellow sheets were still present at the Socamil site this Wednesday afternoon, while at the same time there were law enforcement agencies to ensure the movement of trucks. In social networks, they said that they were "betrayed" when they passed a few trucks yesterday.

The shops in Toulouse agglomeration showed stocks in the food sector.

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