Friday , May 20 2022

Judgment day for Georges Tron seven years after rape charges


Bobigny – Former Foreign Minister Georges Tron, who ended his resignation from the government seven years after the trial began, will recognize the decision of the High Criminal Court on Thursday, entitled to rape of two former employees. municipality.

Attorney General Wednesdays, compared to Count Dracula, Georges Tron, gave a six-year prison sentence.vampirise your victimsAt his Seine-Saint-Denis meeting, he was sentenced to four years' imprisonment, according to Brigitte Gruel, the former cultural assistant, who had been with him since October 23rd.

The Attorney General also asked them not to be eligible for a five-year term and to be entered into a sex offender file.

Kat will be given to Essonne and his former deputy's elected representative last Thursday morning.

In the four-week debate, both of the 61-year-old defendants continued to claim their innocence.hatred"Former employees were exploited by far-right local competitors.

Virginie Ettel and Éva Loubrieu, 41 and 44, claim that they have implemented touch and digital penetration between 2007 and 2010.

The scandal forced Georges Tron to resign from his post as Foreign Minister of Public Service for the Fillon government on May 29, 2011. The former deputy is still Draveil and district councilor (LR).

In the absence of the file, the type of DNA, and the material elements on the direct witness, the discussions were essentially based on dozens of witnesses, which led to the opening of a package of words against words.

– "Tron system"-

Georges Tron recognizes only one "flirting"with the old parliamentary attaché and extramarital affair – still continuing – with his assistant, Sylvie Doncarli.

Representative for Attorney Generalabused his power with subordinates"then tried"politicize"to accuse a conspiracy.

He was eagerly awaited; the prosecutor had always opposed the dismissal of the dismissed representative and former deputy. A hearing was finally held in 2014 by the investigative chamber.

As civilian parties, a "condemned"Tron system"foot reflexology of the application made by the mayor"trap"to reach women and to impose them – gradually – more.

On Wednesday, defense lawyers decided on acquittal in front of a packed house as an alternative.

They stated that the investigators had repeatedly contacted the dissidents in their stories and the mayor's opponents.

Georges Tron's lawyer, Antoine Vey "condemned"rumor and amalgam trial"a folder"built around a mythology""accumulation of nothing".

His other lawyer, Eric Dupond-Moretti, looted him against an indictment "démagoYer They said that the pressures in the media were destroyed and they considered the sacrifice of female expressions as victims.

The case erupted ten days after the arrest of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, president of the International Monetary Fund, accused of raping a torture.

A year after the Harvey Weinstein eruption, a wave of women's speeches is expected from rape, assault and sexual harassment.

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