Sunday , October 17 2021

José Garcia, trapped by Antoine de Caunes at the funeral of Philippe Gildas: Why did he like the joke?


With a sense of humor, praised by Antoine de Caunes for Philippe Gildas at the expense of José Garcia. But the actor didn't hold against him … just the opposite.

I still went on a little Canal + spirit. On October 28, Sunday, October 28, the host of the cult program, Philippe Gildas Nowhere else Channel +, commonly died of cancer.All the French audiovisual scene supporting his wife, Maryse, at the funeral on November 5 in Pere Lachaise, Paris.

However, as a tribute to last, Antoine de Caunes, a journalist's friend, has been joked by Jose Garcia for many years. Nowhere else. On the advice of Antoine de Caunes, José Garcia and her husband were dressed in white at all the ceremonies … no such instructions were given to any of the other guests.

Gazette ParisianJosé Garcia also agrees that he does not blame his old friend and does not appreciate the movement:Anyway, he had it all locked up. She even called Maryse and told her: if she calls, you tell her to come white. But I think this is one of the most beautiful tributes giy that made me very happy, the laughter I received first was monumental and I wore a white dress with black dress and a small smile to see Philou's face bu Ama

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