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Johnny Hallyday and Jean-Jacques Goldman for "contempt": an astonishing testimony

Johnny Hallyday underestimated one of the French's favorite personalities he collaborated with: Jean-Jacques Goldman. What is this writerJohnny & Laeticia & # 39; s songOn November 21, a new biography was published in which Benjamin Locoge explained the rock star's comments.

They had made one of the most beautiful albums of the French rock legend. Johnny Hallyday and Jean-Jacques Goldman in 1986 together with the history of French music, I'il forget your name, jealousor I promise you and Laura. There was a strong bond between the two. However, this connection was broken. in Johnny & Laeticia & # 39; s song, New biography published on Wednesday, November 21The source of many uncovered sources (such as Laeticia Hallyday's tremendous jealousy against Catherine Deneuve) revolves briefly to the relationship between the idol of the youth and the rocker. For him "Basically, he (Johnny) won't despise some for Jean-Jacques Goldman".

It should be known that the two singers live their passions in a diametrically opposite way. One of them gave everything to the stage, the other was a painful experience. Thus, Benjamin Locoge describes a conversation he made with the star who died almost a year ago. "He's too busy … and I think the way to do these things is" bastards "rather than the desire of television channels.he regrets the singer. " There's no reason to refuse to record with him. But hey, he's tired of work.I wanted him to have a family life, I understand him "It says Johnny Hallyday.

If he understands this, he still ignores this attitude. Interpreter prison He even tried to reconnect with the old songwriter, who lacked a funeral. He wanted Jean-Jacques Goldman to write a song on his next album. The applicant then replied: "You know, I didn't touch a guitar, I have no idea, I'm empty, I can't do it anymore"According to comments collected in a documentary in 2017. How this relationship ended: a failed action. Is it bad for something good? Basically, according to Benjamin Locoge's analysis, "Everyone who manages to open the gates of success (Johnny Hallyday) will eventually be wiped off his entourage.". Well, this rocker was before he disappeared.

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