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Is Pfizer quietly targeting other vaccines while keeping its own safety record?

Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine, launched in 2020, has been launched as an extremely safe product. However, recent vaccination data from around the world may well question these claims for both side effects and deaths.

As the first wave of Covid-19 hit the planet in early 2020, vaccine manufacturers immediately sought a product that would prevent the disease quickly and effectively. The Pfizer and BioNTech alliance was one of the first to offer the “weapon” against the pandemic in the form of a “revolutionary” mRNA vaccine under the brand name Comirnaty. The preparation was developed using previously largely unknown reporter ribonucleic acid (mRNA) technology and entered clinical trials in April of the same year. This technology was so new that no safety studies have been conducted and the long-term effects of these vaccines have not been evaluated so far.

Since day one, the Pfizer vaccine has garnered much praise from mainstream media in the US, UK and Europe, which strangely did not hesitate to bias other vaccine manufacturers.

But after an optimistic market introduction, doubts about the safety of the product arose as the death toll – some possibly due to Pfizer injection – exceeded similar indicators for some other vaccines.

Comirnaty’s Deaths

Official government statistics from 12 countries – USA, India, Brazil, Argentina, India, Chile, France, Germany, UK, Austria, Italy, Denmark – collected and analyzed as of April 19, 2021, totaling 2,485 deaths among those vaccinated with the Pfizer / BioNTech product . This corresponds to a simple average mortality rate of 39.4 per 1 million doses administered for Pfizer: about three to five times higher than AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson.

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Reported deaths after vaccination

The largest death wave in Pfizer was recorded in Norway, where their number reached 143 per 1 million doses administered. According to data provided by the CDC Vaccine, 1,134 people died in the United States after receiving a dose of Comirnaty. Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). The second figure is 20 times the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Data from the Mexican Ministry of Health also show that Pfizer has far more side effects than AstraZeneca or other vaccines (as of April 17, 1.56 cases for AstraZeneca versus 2.08 cases of serious side effects per 100,000 doses of Pfizer and the difference attributed to vaccination). even more pronounced: 0.38 versus 2.62 for 1,000 doses).

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Applied doses (M.)

There is no clear link between the deaths and the Pfizer vaccine yet.

Inconvenient truth

Media around the world have reported dozens of deaths due to Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine. However, none of these cases appear to have been properly investigated.

In January this year, Norway raised concerns about 29 deaths linked to Comirnaty, and Bloomberg reporters also warned of vaccination risks for patients over 80 years old. Last week, French journalists said that “the side effects of Pfizer are more important than the side effects of other vaccines.” Quoting Michael Cohen, he kindled the fire. The article mentions 386 deaths related to the Pfizer vaccine in France. The UK also found 314 Cominarty-related deaths alarming, but this time it was the government, not the media, that hit the alarm.

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Deaths above 1M administered dose

Meanwhile, the University of Oxford recently published a study showing that the risk of pilethrombosis appears 30 times higher in mRNA vaccines than AstraZeneca.

Some frowned upon seeing that, given the company’s extensive experience with aggressive marketing strategies and indecision, Pfizer seemed completely unaffected by these statements, which is no surprise.

Heart of the subject

While the manufacturer does not seem to want to give too much detail on death numbers, recent data suggest that high death rates may be due to flaws in mRNA technology that were not widely used before.

Documents leaked from European Medicines Agency (EMA) servers in early 2021 and leaked in an article in Le Monde highlight the serious problems Pfizer faces when moving from lab testing to large-scale commercial production. According to these sources, there was a significant loss of RNA integrity: between 78.1% and 59.7% and 51% for some groups. In good French, “low RNA integrity” not only means Comirnaty is a low concentration of active substance, but also mRNA ‘ This means that more than 40% of them are unstable and may issue random and harmful instructions to the organization. The disclosed documents also show that Pfizer is trying to solve the problem by increasing the dosage, which leads to a higher percentage of inflammation, thrombophilia, aggravation and other side effects.

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Significantly more deaths were recorded after vaccination with the Pfizer / BioNTech mRNA vaccine compared to AstraZeneca and other Covid-19 vaccines

Despite the EMA’s realization of this problem, messages from the regulator’s senior officials, more specifically EMA’s deputy director Noël Wathion, show that they continue to push the body to speed up the procedure. From the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). If the disclosed documents are real, one might wonder why they will push the European Agency to lobby in favor of a vaccine manufacturer despite obvious health risks.

What will the future bring

While all of the above has sparked serious controversy about the safety registration of the Pfizer vaccine, there is a question of long-term effects – a factor that needs to be investigated.

There are currently no studies on the long-term safety of the vaccine and more generally on drugs and vaccines based on new mRNA technology. Researchers and doctors have yet to prove that there is no risk of carcinogenicity or reduced fertility.

Like any other revolutionary technique, worldwide acclaim from mRNA has been accepted with caution or adverse reactions. Like cloning or any other procedure related to human biology, it requires international monitoring and discussion about its safety and mass applications. But will researchers and doctors be able to fully examine the effects of the Pfizer vaccine and other mRNA products without the enormous pressure and lobbying from Big Pharma and the UK’s political institutions, which seem to be involved in covering up the events? It continues to be seen.

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