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INFORMATIONS. Covid-19: Circulation of the virus in France has stopped declining, should we be worried?


Now a fact: the number of new Covid-19 cases in France is no longer declining. There is even talk of epidemiological recovery in some French departments. France thus sees the beginning of the fifth wave. Should we be worried?

As France turns the page in the fourth wave of Covid-19, is the fifth wave showing its nose? The French government is at least wary of what appears to be a resumption of the epidemic: There has been “a recession, even a small increase in the number of infections” for several days., Health Minister Olivier Véran noted on Wednesday.

Indeed, numbers are scarce after months of decline: For the first time since mid-August, the average number of new contaminations is rising again. Last week, France recorded an average of 4,656 new cases of Covid-19 each day: 10.7% more than four days ago.

“We know how to manage 4,000 patients a day”, wanted to reassure the Minister of Health. However, the country may soon exceed the bar of 5,000 new daily cases.

A very different epidemic recovery

The state of health urges authorities to shift gears and opt for a regionalized logic. Because the epidemic recovery is not the same according to the parts and regions of the country. Therefore, Bouches-du-Rhône is still equally worrying: it is the only French department where the incidence rate exceeds the 100 cases per 100,000 population bar.

In Occitania, two departments are of concern: Lozère, where the incidence rate peaks at 93 cases per 100,000 people. Aveyron also crossed the warning threshold with more than 53 cases per 100,000 people. However, if incidence rates remain particularly low for now compared to what France has experienced during previous waves of epidemics, it is the development of these incidence rates that has been alarming in recent days.

The epidemiological recovery in France is characterized in 57 chapters. In these regions, the incidence rate started to rise again. In Aveyron, to be exact, the incidence rate doubled in just one week. In Gers, again in seven days, it climbed about 53%.

Will we have to “live with the virus”?

If the government confirms that it “waits” for this epidemic to resume, it will be necessary to see if this will have an increasing impact on the country’s healthcare facilities, in particular. Because France has no weapon other than vaccine to repel the virus. The somewhat bitter observation made on the other side of the channel is that despite vaccinations in the UK, cases of Covid-19 are plentiful. But hospitalizations due to the virus remain limited: “We’ve chosen a balance between reopening and hospital pressure that we can stick to,” said David Frost, the UK’s Minister for Europe, this week.

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The UK is learning to “live with the virus”, with more than 40,000 new cases per day and around 100 to 150 deaths recorded in the country. If Covid-19 patients are far from as numerous as in previous waves, caregivers are complaining of additional hospital pressure. 700 infected patients enter British hospitals every day.

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Currently, hospitalizations and admissions to intensive care continue to decline in France.

According to the latest figures from the Public Health of France, 6,470 people have been hospitalized due to Kovid-19, while 1,051 patients are still in intensive care. How long remains to be seen.

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