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How many diesel cars are in your department?

Diesel has been the fuel preferred by the French for a long time. Even if the sales of diesel vehicles are in free fall, they are still the majority in our paths: they represent more than a third of new sales.

However, as the fleet study shows, the data collected by the Rumor public agency is also gigantic from the gray cards. In September 2018, there were about 27 million diesel vehicles for less than 20 million gasoline vehicles. As for the number of electric vehicles, this remains anecdotal: it represents only 0.1% of the fleet.

Popular class fuel

The examination of the figures jointly by the municipality confirms a common misunderstanding that diesel is the fuel of the lower classes. Schematically, more residents of a municipality have a higher income, lower diesel share. Gasoline vehicles predominate in Paris and the inner suburbs, especially in the most preferred neighborhoods: 73% in the park in Neuilly-sur-Seine, 72% in the 16th rank. or 71%. …

Diesel, which is less rich in rural areas such as Marseille or in larger cities, remains unlike the vast majority.

The gradual alignment of the taxation of diesel with the gasoline, which will be transitioned to a new stage in January, therefore affects mainly the working class. This feature is worth noting the growth of the yellow vests to the government today because it is not understood.

Check the numbers of your department using the following simulator:

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