Tuesday , September 28 2021

Health card access will be facilitated for French expats vaccinated abroad

The return to their national territory of French expatriates who have been vaccinated abroad and thus deprived of their health card will be simplified. they can deposit “From this week” Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, Minister of Foreign Affairs for Tourism, explains in an interview their demand for QR codes. Sunday newspaper (JDD) from 1is is August. Good news for expats who regret being left behind as the precious sesame became mandatory in early August to enter the cafe, restaurant or mall.

“We are establishing a special mechanism with Jean-Yves Le Drian to provide them with a solution. ” In practice – For vaccines approved by the European Union (EU) or equivalents, it will be sufficient to obtain proof of vaccination, identity document and proof of residence abroad and QR code. “Special email addresses will be set up depending on the country of residence. It will be very simple”, promises.

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Regarding the French vaccinated abroad with a vaccine not approved by the EU, he adds: “Health transition [a été élargi] To all vaccines assimilated to those recognized by the European Medicines Agency”. For unauthorized vaccines, he asked scientists to evaluate the conditions under which they could be supplemented by vaccination with messenger RNA in France.

“The President also asked for a vaccination campaign to be launched for our citizens residing in countries where access to vaccines is still complex.”, denotes Mr. Lemoyne. “We have delivered and administered the vaccine to tens of thousands of people in 57 countries under the supervision of our embassies and consulates. “

The Minister of Foreign Affairs told pharmacists that French people living outside France “Free access to tests in our area”.

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“Hopes” for summer tourism

during his interview JDD, the Minister of Foreign Affairs also gave an update on summer tourism. “France hopes to receive 50 million foreign visitors this summer, compared to 35 million last year and 90 million in 2019. So summer is a carrier of hope.”, underlines Mr. Lemoyne.

“There is a local European clientele there: Germans, Dutch, Belgians… The British, on the other hand, are arriving less and less like last summer, because their government has set a tight fortnight for their return”, explains.

International customers “Distance”, which is especially crucial for Paris, is also likely to still be largely absent: “A few Americans have been returning since June, but we won’t see Asian tourists again before 2022. And Paris still suffers from a lack of business tourism.”, the Minister of Foreign Affairs adds.

But the good news is, “As in 2019, many business events are planned for September-December 2021. There is a downside because event professionals predict a 50% reduction in rental booth space”.

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