Thursday , January 27 2022

Headlines | Why should a pregnant woman not go on a diet?


Watch out for your diet during pregnancy! Studies conducted by Inserm in August in "The FASEB Journal" (one) Strengthen the idea that a restrictive diet should not be followed during pregnancy, which is responsible for many deficiencies and stress effects.

Indeed, several observations have allowed the researchers to predict that perinatal nutritional deficiencies would lead to an increase in the stress hormone that would induce the remodeling of the digestive system's nervous system in the long term. This is said to be responsible for digestive disorders that weaken the bowel and improve the quality of life.

Experiments were performed in female rats and raccoons.

Watch out for the stress hormone

Many studies have shown that maternal malnutrition is reflected in the cardiovascular or cognitive development of offspring with adolescent echoes. This time, researchers examined these effects on the digestive system of the offspring shortly before adulthood. "For this, they reduced the protein intake of the mothers by half during pregnancy and lactation, and then re-started a normal diet when the weaned rats wrote Inserm."

Results: acceleration of the passage and increased intestinal permeability (passage of nutrients into the blood supplied to the intestinal wall), as well as a high level of stress hormone in the small ones.

Even though they are only made on animals, this study strengthens the hypothesis of prenatal origin of some pathologies or digestive disorders.

(one) INRA and managed by Inserm researchers in collaboration with the University of Nantes and the University Hospital

"All diets are contraindicated"

In the 2016 edition of INPES, a guide to nutrition during pregnancy, the following reminds: "During pregnancy, all diets are contraindicated during pregnancy."

Care must be taken to have a varied and balanced diet (proteins, cereals, vegetables and fruits, dairy products, etc.) and it is absolutely necessary to talk to your doctor if you are a vegetarian or a vegetarian. He probably prescribes dietary supplements.

As a reminder, we propose a weight gain of 12 pounds (3 to 4 pounds more for twins), promote pregnancy and childbirth without these complications, and then return to a previous weight. But this weight gain is only average and your pregnancy, your age, may vary depending on the size of your body before your date … Discuss with your doctor.

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