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Goodbye. Emmanuel Macron visits Besançon


Emmanuel Macron's visit to Besançon.

2:20: The location is free, the first VIP visits began at 14:15. Emmanuel Macron, meanwhile, went to the governor's office to decorate Jean-Louis Fousseret and then lunch.

14h: The departure of Emmanuel Macron. A movement of the hand will have all the people behind the obstacles that have sometimes waited 4 hours before it can address the President of the Republic. Many blocked roads should be released after the launch of the presidential vehicle.

1:48: Emmanuel Macron welcomes some of the 1000 guests in the tent, while some Bisontinler is waiting to see him behind the barriers of the security zone.

1:35: Emmanuel Macron finished his speech and said, "This is a stone for the ambition we want to bring to the country by opening the museum." Now you can find here or below.

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MBAA: Conversations after E. visit. Besançon's macron

1:25: Emmanuel Macron expresses himself in front of his shop, the tradesman counts on us: "There was a very bad information: no customer could reach the fisherman. We lost our morning." We'd have found a better way to topple, "explains Christian, and Franca Gobin, who holds the place for the revolution.

1:15 pm: Curious people follow Emmanuel Macron's speech on our website when he is close to Place de la Revolution. They couldn't get into the election frame the president spoke of.

13h: Emmanuel Macron supports his words on the subject of "perspectives" and "adding sensibilities" during a daily conversation. "This place has become a palimpsest, an original museum, it was a unique place. You could give it back from openings, light plays, a new look. You were able to light the torch of souls," said President Victor Hugo.

00:50: The speeches start with Mayor Jean-Louis Fousseret in Besançon.

12:45: Emmanuel Macron came down the stairs and filled the gold book of the Museum of Fine Arts. The President's visit to the museum is over. She is preparing to speak in the capital of Place de la Revolution, prepared for opening.

12:30 Emmanuel Macron explores the museum's new architecture with Adelfo Scaranello for 4 years, responsible for the restoration of the Museum of Fine Arts. Ve We wanted a place that was more open to the outside, more bright, attracted the attention of people, and we want to go back, Mimar the architect said. The quote is ironic when you know that many Bisontin's streets are in the streets of the city center.

Emmanuel Macron in front of an unfinished business
Emmanuel Macron in front of an unfinished work titled "The Stage of the Massacre." / © France 3 Franche-Comté

00:15: . They warned us that they were going to block Pasteur Street and Rue Claude Pouillet on the main street. That said it was unacceptable that the street should be accessible, ur he told a sliding beachfront. Leffe café's employees were surprised to see the place where Pasteur Pasteur was completely locked and unable to leave its terraces. Safety device and blocked area wider than expected. When the head of the Republic remains, the situation should be prevented around 14 hours.

Besançon: A very large safety curtain around Emmanuel Macron's visit
Report by Thierry Chaufour and Denis Colle

12:05 Emmanuel Macron is now entering the archeology department of the museum on the ground floor. There are openings for further light penetration. The president stands in front of the Neptune Victory, a mosaic at Besançon (learn more about this work).

© France 3 Franche-Comté
© France 3 Franche-Comté

11:54: The ribbon was interrupted only by Emmanuel Macron. "Regardless of what is done, congratulations," said the president before entering the Museum of Fine Arts. The regiment stands in front of a job on the ground floor and receives explanations from Nicolas Surlapierre, the director of the center's museums. . We are a donation museum, which is very important to us, ier explains Nicolas Surlapierre.

Opening MBAA Besançon: Emmanuel Macron cuts the ribbon

11:50 Emmanuel Macron came to Place de la Revolution. He warmly greets Jean-Louis Fousseret with a kiss. He then salutes the other elected officials who were at that time. The President of the Doubs County Council, LR, Christine Bouquin, spoke a little longer with the President of the Franche-Comté Regional Council Marie-Guite Dufay PS.

© France 3 Franche-Comté
© France 3 Franche-Comté

11:40 Jean-Louis Fousseret, who will be watching Emmanuel Macron in the museum, MPs and journalists, is waiting for the 45-minute delayed president.

11:33: Protesters are now blocked in front of the Besancon court, just in front of the town hall. Everything is carefully curled. To return to Place de la Révolution, they return to Place Pasteur once again.

11:25: A terrifying dog in Place de la Revolution. Everyone goes there, even the journalists. Emmanuel Macron arrives at Musée des Beaux-Arts in Besançon.

Especially in social networks, commentators expose an event for "elites", while people are excluded. "The free movement was blocked and blocked by Macron. Fear no longer relies on respect for this free movement. The Place of Revolution: People left to welcome the King. There is something to laugh about !, the ranking is over!" Francs-Comtois & # 39; s expression. The security area in the city center is extensive. Meanwhile, protesters and trade unionists also blocked Place Pasteur. They decided to go back to court, in vain.

11:13: Although Emmanuel Macron is slow, the Besançon council group "will not go to host the president". Anthony Poulin of the Ecology Greens of Europe, on Twitter: ill We prefer the popular and festive opening of this morning's speeches. The work of this government does not deserve our applause, but ours. Bu

11h: VIP guests enter the Revolution Square. By the way, Emmanuel Macron has to arrive at the museum. If it's in time, it should come in a few minutes at Place de la Revolution. According to information, Emmanuel Macron Dole would not have come to the airport but by helicopter at La Vèze airport near Besançon.

10:56: Souls, Pasteur with the demonstrators trying to reach the place of the Revolution a little warmed up. "We're pushing, we're pushing!" Most of the rest is screaming before the tear gas spray. It's quiet, good.

10:50: Mayor Jean-Louis Fousseret in Besançon prepares his speech in front of the Museum of Fine Arts and Archeology. Emmanuel Macron should talk for about 12 hours just before.

© France 3 Franche-Comté
© France 3 Franche-Comté

10:46 Some demonstrators were disappointed that they could not access Revolution Square. This is the example of Éliane who wanted to challenge Emmanuel Macron on the financial cost of former republics.

10:34: "He's going to fart!" "Where he belongs!" The place of revolution is ours! He wants to break business rules! We don't want this society, young people in the gallery, galley! "They shout and sing hundreds of demonstrators and trade union representatives trying to reach Pasteur Square in Besançon.

10:17: The crowd came to rue courbet in Besançon. For now, the transition is still filtered here. This is the entry point I hope to get to Emmanuel Macron. Will Bisontin contact people? Nothing is less precise.

In social networks, introduced by some reviewersa very wide security perimeter. ; Bishanins will have a chance to approach Place de la Revolution in 3/4, Revolution says Fabienne Le Moing, who is our journalist. The position of the priest and checks are also fully realized.

I am 10: A small group of Bisontins with CGT and PCF and Force Ouvrière flags is gathered in front of the Saint-Jacques hospital in Besançon. Protesters are planning to walk to Revolution Square.

09:37: Emmanuel Macron should sign the guest book of the Besançon Museum of Fine Arts and Archeology. Currently sitting in the MBAA hall.

© Caroline Laub
© Caroline Laub

09:21: Rue Courbet is eager to try to see Emmanuel Macron, curiously. The President of the Republic should be around 11 am in the capital of Franche-Comte.

© Fabienne Le Moing
© Fabienne Le Moing

09:10 Besançon, Rue Gustave Courbet, continues the search and filtering work. Only people working at the Revolution Square can attend to this place.
08:50: Security services are scanning approaches to the Battan Bridge. Ginko network buses are blocked around Revolution Square until the President's departure. Governorate street is also blocked by the gendarmerie bus. Prior to the arrival of Emmanuel Macron, the city center of Besançon is under police control.

© France 3 Franche-Comté
© France 3 Franche-Comté

As a reminder, President Emmanuel Macron is expected to be at 11:00 Place de la Revolution. A safety curtain was set around the Place de la Révolution. : rue Goudimel, rue des boucheries, rue Gustave Courbet, Paris Gate, rue des Granges rue on the corner of Luc Breton.

08:30: Bisontins explores the pleasures of the security perimeter established in the city center.

President Emmanuel Macron's first visit to Besançon. She was accompanied by Culture Minister Franck Riester. After four years of study on Friday, November 16, Besançon re-launched the new Museum of Fine Arts and Archeology.

The President's visit was eagerly awaited by Bisontins. Indeed, some have failed to try to see the presidential engine. The others tried to shout their discontent, but they were denied at Pasteur's entrance.

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