Sunday , November 29 2020

For Alain Chabat's last "Burger Quiz ab, Marina Fois differentiates himself.

TELEVISION – "You've been my favorite activity for the last six months!" On Wednesday, November 21, he released the second episode of "Burger Quiz", the last show presented by the historic Alain Chabat. On this occasion, the host and creator of the game show, which was born in Canal + and released today in TMC, led the way to the most repeating guests.

At the end of the last "Death of the Burger" – the final test of the game, which the candidate should listen to the ten questions before giving all the answers – Alain Chabat has actually suggested Marina Fois to try his luck. In fact, a paid contribution to the show draws attention to the fact that the actor does not regularly complain to join the Burger Quiz as opposed to the programs taken at the dawn of the years. 2000.

In spite of a particularly difficult survey and a destabilizing intervention against other people on the plateau, including Jean-Paul Rouve, the unspoiled Marina Fois passed the test successfully, thus ending the misfortune and ending the misfortune. Alain Chabat and his team in the game maintained the promise and offered him a huge control of 3,000 francs. Like then.

On Wednesday 28th November, "Burger Quiz" will continue in the TMC for the third season, but without its favorite host. Many acclaimed celebrities, including comedian Jérôme Commandeur and actor Gerard Darmon, were chosen as the owner of PAF's best-known fast food restaurant. Is there a view of Alain Chabat alongside the candidates?

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