Thursday , September 29 2022

Fabrice Payen, one-legged skipper, dismasted


The captain of Saint-Malo, on Thursday morning, is safe and goes to a harbor.

The organizers of Team Vent Debout Fabrice Payen, who joined Rota du Rhum on the roads on Thursday morning, announced. The captain with one leg amputated is currently headed to a Spanish or port of Portugal.

Despite better weather conditions. The captain of Saint-Malo disintegrated as he left 230 miles (370 km) west of Portugal. The harsh climatic conditions of the last days have only calmed down with a wind measured at 20 knots (37 km / h). Fabrice Payen says "it's good," says Route du Rhum. Veya He protects his boat by dropping his trophy belirlen and u then directs the engine to a port of Spaniard or Portugal not yet specified ve.

An obstacle to "talk about disability". The 49-year-old captain who had one leg and was traveling with a prosthesis made a great start to the race as he was in second place in the Rhum Multi group. He was the victim of a traffic accident in India in 2012 and left many sequels on one knee. Faced with many difficulties in the way of recovery, he decided to be amputated in 2016.

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