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Fabrice Luchini words run out


CRITICISM – The film is in love with French and Leïla Bekhti by the comedian. This is the only being of the new creation of Hervé Mimran, which looks great.

Keep in mind that this feature has nothing to do with Paul Morand's unique novel in 1977, co-starring Alain Delon and Édouard Molinaro. And for a good reason, one morning in May 2008, he is inspired by the life of the powerful Peugeot Citroen boss, Christian Streiff, who was affected by the stroke. The CEO has even drawn a book of his three-year struggle to get rid of his own poppy after a stroke.

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Co-director with Géraldine Nakache All these glitters and We are yorkHervé Mimran adapted this book, I was a man in a hurry, released this year.

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With the help of Hélène Fillières (volunteer), the director tells septuagenarian Alain (Fabrice Luchini), a businessman who lives at full speed. Before falling and calling this speech therapy to save memory and re-learn the conversation. Mimran rewrote the role of comedian in words.

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Fabrice Luchini relaxes her underneath an energetic speech therapist's blouse with her usual acuity and Leila Bekhti, who has twice shot the filmmaker. But he put aside a lot of good emotions, and Mimran became bogged in the field.

In addition to Alain's disability tragedy and reconstruction, father-daughter deals with identity, heritage, unemployment and graft, as well as a useless love story. Boating the boat, it sinks.

A man in a hurry. Hervé Mimran drama

with: Fabrice Luchini, Leila Bekhti, Rebecca Marder, Igor Gotesman

time: 1 hour 40

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