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Disney officializes five new Marvel movies

Many films are expected from MCU in the coming months and years, and the US giant has added five more films to its broadcasting program.

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The MCU certainly did not plan to stand there with the announcement a few days ago. five new dates for five new blockbusters The new calendar transferred by the license's Twitter account MCU Direct sets two box-office records scheduled for next year Black widow Declared on May 1 Infinite's2020 is scheduled for release in early November. 2021 and a transition year promising to open the way for the marathon. Legend of Shang-Chi and ten ringss (12 February), Doctor strange in the abundance of madness (May 7) Spiderman 3 (July 16) and Thor Love and Thunder (November 5). If all these films were formalized by Marvel, serious things should begin in 2022, the first film in February, and then Black Panther II As it was originally planned on May 6, however, two other advertisements, one on July 29, 2022 and one on October 7, 2022, broke the box office records.

Promises the arrival of a new film by 2022, but at the same time Four additional films in 2023. If the details of all these innovations are not yet known, the assignment is therefore taken on 17 February, 5 May 28 July and 3 November 2023 to explore the rest of the MCU, which will continue for up to 4 years. beside Black widow. Obviously we need to learn more about the characters that will take place in these new superhero biographies, but rumors have already awakened the continuity. Captain Marvel, betweenAnt Man even The Guardians of the Galaxy. Unless there is a long-awaited arrival Deadpool or Fantastic Four Marvel in the Cinematic Universe.

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