Friday , May 20 2022

Despite the indictment, Rybolovlev does not intend to sell the club.


The owner of Monaco, Russian oligarch Dimitri Rybolovlev. – NICOLAS TUCAT / AFP

Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev, who has been indicted for "bribery" and "trade in influence", does not want to sell his Monaco club, Monaco on Saturday. Dmitry Chechen. Tchechkin said in a statement to Russian agency TASS that Rybolovlev will continue to support its development as it has done since it bought the club in 2011.

This expression is the Prince of Monaco II. A day after the release of II & # 39; s club announcements. "We have to let justice go to the end. If all this is proven, I think he will withdraw, he assured Albert II in an interview published by Mediapart on Friday. Presently, the presumption of innocence should be taken into account unless AS decides to end the presidency of Monaco." "

Rybolovlev is back in Moscow

In a statement, Chechen added that Mr Rybolovlev "rejected any suggestion that he may have made any understandable or inappropriate conduct." The boss of ASM, accused of counterfeiting of former Swiss art winner Yves Bouvier in Monaco, returned to Moscow last week after being taken under control. court.

A total of nine people – including Mr Rybolovlev, his lawyer Me Tetiana Bersheda and former Justice Minister Philippe Narmino, his wife and sons, former Interior Minister Paul Masseron and three senior leaders – are in this case, after the hearings and calls, in the they provoked an unprecedented shock wave.

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