Friday , September 17 2021

Currencies: Exchange rate for Sunday, September 12

The dinar’s collapse against major international currencies seems to continue. The major currencies always show high rates against the Algerian dinar, whether in the official quotes of the Bank of Algeria or in the parallel market.

In the parallel market, on Sunday, September 12, one euro is exchanged for 211.00 dinars for purchase and 213.00 dinars for sale. There is a recession in this regard compared to Saturday; 211,50 dinars are bought and 213 dinars are sold.

As for the American currency, on the same day one dollar was exchanged against 178 dinars for purchase and 181 dinars for sale. Note that these excerpts show no significant change compared to those recorded yesterday on Saturday, September 11, 2021.

The same goes for the British Pound, which has a buying price of 238 dinars and a selling price of 241 this Sunday. During the day yesterday, the units of the same currency were also 238 Algerian dinars for purchase, 241 and 238 for sale.

Official prices of the Bank of Algeria

At the official market level, the commercial quotes of the national currency showed one euro against 161.29 dinars at buy prices and 161.32 dinars at selling prices. According to the same source, one US dollar sells for 136.36 dinars to buy and 161.32 dinars to sell.

As a reminder, the US dollar set a new record against the dinar last Wednesday, buying 136.34 Algerian dinars and selling 136.36 Algerian dinars. It should also be noted that the last two records were for August 9 and 23, when the value of the dollar was 135.09 and 135.88 Algerian dinars.

BA also reported that on the currency chart, one British pound was exchanged for 187.29 dinars to buy and 188.05 dinars to sell.

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