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controversial scene, the departure of Shannen Doherty… 10 secrets about the show and the actors that you (maybe) didn’t know!


witches Charmed pointed the tv and brightened our Saturday nights on the M6. Focus on the secrets of a cult series now fully available on Salto!

Aspect Buffy the vampire hunter, Kucukkoy, Beverly Hills or Scott brothers, Charmed It is one of the series that left its mark on an entire generation and still draws crowds. The fiction, which was released in the United States in 1998 and was entitled to be republished with many variations, excited its fans for eight seasons. on the occasion of his arrival Charmed on bounceFrench platform Télé-Loisirs reveals ten secrets you (perhaps) didn’t know about the show and its cast.

filming Charmed Not located in San Francisco

Although the city is represented Charmed Either San Francisco, the series was filmed in Los Angeles. All aerial and background footage shown are archival footage. The home used for exterior shots of the Halliwell Mansion is located at 1329 Carroll Street in Los Angeles, California. For the scenes inside, the pavilion was completely recreated in the studios.

Breast problem for Holly Marie Combs…

The making of the series found Holly Marie Combs (Piper) to have a less flashy breast than her two companions, Shannen Doherty (Prue) and Alyssa Milano (Pheobe). She was then asked to wear more loose-fitting underwear on-screen and wouldn’t do it for very long as she found it ridiculous!

Foot pain for Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milan He suffered during filming (revealing that he was in contact with only one actress on the show). Every week the costume designers gave her new shoes, so she didn’t have time to make the shoes. While shooting many action scenes, the actor often found himself with blisters on his feet.

Morning gown on set…

A shot is often long and demanding, holly marie combs (taken by one of the reboot’s stars) Charmed) therefore found the solution! She wore a dressing gown so she could sleep longer. To each his own solution.

Panty issue for Shannen Doherty

Shannen Doherty (Misunderstood, according to Beverly Hills creator Darren Star) had a major setback on set. One day, when she had to run, she tripped on the cable and tore her skirt and underwear… That’s how we find ourselves naked in front of the whole team.

Andy Trudeau could have been played by other stars. Charmed

Brian Krause (Leo Wyatt), Julian McMahon (Cole Turner), and Kerr Smith (Agent Kyle Brody) auditioned for the role of Detective Andy Trudeau, played by Ted King in the first season.

What if Shannen Doherty hadn’t gone Charmed

no secret Alyssa Milan and Shannen Doherty did not get along on set Charmed. A power struggle was raging between them. So, if the Season 3 finale ended with a cliffhanger, it was so that the producers could choose between Prue or Phoebe’s death and therefore the actress’ departure. Finally, Shannen Doherty who left fiction.

blunder in turmoil

To celebrate the end of filming for each season, the producers were eager to organize an evening to show off the shooting mistake. In the program: the best blunders of the actors and the crew. If the bugs were never posted, Rose McGowan (Paige) is said to have made a lot of mistakes in first names… Too bad!

It was the funniest…

Julian McMahon! Cole’s translator was a big joker, which allowed him to create a very good atmosphere on set. Things changed a lot after he left.

Controversial scene!

Krista Vernoff, current showrunner Grey’s Anatomy, and who cut his teeth at work by working as a screenwriter and producer Charmed From 2000 to 2004, a plot of Season 5, in which Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) transforms into a mermaid, revealed a turning point in her career. This screenwriting choice even forced him to stop working on it. Charmed from the next season. Explained why!

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