Friday , December 4 2020

Christophe Castaner's Exaggeration

The Minister of Interior is hard on yellow vests. On the fourth day of his mobilization against rising fuel taxes, he denounced the "total deviation" or "radicalization" of the movement that was launched on Saturday.

Christophe Castaner, "Protest the right (…) to prevent, not to damage the police, is not the right to block," he said. In April, he was wounded by our forces during the evacuation of Notre-Dame-des-Landes.

Is In fact, it is much more flexible than what Mr. Castaner has to offer, Cast says Alexandre Langlois, who is a police force at the Interior Ministry on BFMTV.

Iyor We also see in the images, my colleagues CRS often go without helmets, we see that this is not a very strict policing de he supports the trade unionist. "And unlike the line of firmness shown, there are certain tolerances, especially for traffic slowdowns."


But that's not all. Christophe Castaner also talked about the death of an octagonal # afternoon nedeniyle on Monday, due to a Samu vehicle that was prevented from interfering with Angoulême due to blockages in yellow vests. Words challenged by the local diary Free Charente, Due to a delay of 20 minutes to prevent blockages at the roadside, as the old lady is dead in the morning.

The deputy of the Angouleme Attorney, Stephanie Veyssiere, said that ölüm no knowledge of the jurisdiction was opened, only the prosecutor opened the investigation of the cause of death Ang. yellow vests.

"As for the yellow vests, when they were informed about the arrival of the SAMU, they issued a statement stating that" the filtering device was completely interrupted "and that some of them accompanied the emergency stop lane and accompanied him to meet the emergency vehicle" (…) [mais qu]Blocked with stationary tools. "

The dramatization of violence?

Christophe Castaner was equipped with three police officers wounded in the night from Monday to Tuesday and "iron rods and molotov cocktails" at Langueux in the Côtes-d & # 39; Armor. A shopping mall by the police.

However, prosecutor Saint-Brieuc's office said six people were arrested for throwing rounds (including tin cans) to the police, but denied that they had information about the capture of Molotov cocktails.

Secretary of the Interior, Laurent Nuñez, also made the move to BFMTV on Tuesday night, killing a second person on Tuesday for Laur serious and repeated violence İç. "We've been confronted by protesters who want to fight police and drivers," he added.

Christophe Castaner asked last Tuesday on November 17th that there was no ü complete congestion Christ. . Every where will be a blockage, and therefore there will be a risk for security interventions and free movement, we'll intervene, "he added.

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