Wednesday , November 25 2020

Camif citizen makes a return

Emery Jacquillat continues and signs. The boss of Camif decided to close Black on Friday (November 23rd) for the second year in a row. It is one of the most important of the year for distributors, with great aggressive sales. Tüketim We will spend 400,000 Euros on the turnover, which is not in line with our intense consumption values.

Regardless of the situation, Matelsom's founder in 1995 did not mention the first risky of his founder. In March, he took ten years to bankruptcy, and very little believed in his project. ”No one wanted to hear the brand, etmek he remembers.

He injects 3 million euros into equity and mortgages his house. He chose to refocus the Camif on the equipment, quality and French manufacturing of the house and left the garment. Within a few months, about 15 employees rebuilt a bid with a firmer team (today 55). Quit the paper catalog and stores to focus on the website. "Separated services have teams closer to work in start-up mode," says Florence Masson, who recently joined the purchasing department with opponents Fly and Goal.

Certified B Corps in 2015

To a lesser extent, this activist advocate is to create a responsible retailer model, to make transparency privileged, to produce SMEs in France and to create virtuous social and environmental practices. The group's 40 million euro turnover was 73%, compared to 137 French suppliers, compared to 8% for 50% year ago. "Camif has a unique approach in the industry against the massive supply of its main competitors," says Dominique Weber, vice president of French furniture. It is a niche that pushes the site to publish a map of France 's product production sites, its suppliers' presentation and the number of jobs.


Our products should be as environmentally friendly, locally sourced and recyclable as possible.


In 2013, Camif was again a beneficiary. Two years later, the distributor was labeled B Corp (Benefit Corporation), an independent international certification that rewards companies' environmental and social commitments. It places the rating at the highest 10% rate in the world. ; Our products are one of our most demanding customers, talep says Edouard Dumas, CEO of Dumas, a family-owned company specializing in making pillows and quilts. Our products must be locally supplied and recycled as far as possible. In November 2017, Camif became one of the first t mission companies ler in France with environmental and social commitments in its charter.

Lack of awareness

At the same time, distributors, furniture and linens are designed to become editors. At the end of 2017, called Camifathon, collaborative work is organized, which brings together consumers, designers, producers and experts in the circular economy for three days. Goal? Consider projects to build the Camif Edition series. "This was an unprecedented step in the furniture world," explains Florence Masson. Again, specifications are harsh. Esat Le Hameau, director Anne Clavier, who employs disabled workers, says, çalıştır They are taking us further to improve our practices. Es We use wood from sustainable forests and watercolors. . "

In this range, the distributor offers transparency on prices by presenting details of the margins of various agents on the site. "Emery Jacquillat endorses his original approach and enriches as we progress," says Dominique Weber, "Emery Jacquillat is brave in a very aggressive competitive environment." Because the workout creates additional costs. And the distributor wants the price to be Iea, and secondly, the market price should be affordable in the third quarter.

Emery Jacquillat acknowledges very ambitious growth estimates and says, "Printing is always stronger with giants like Amazon and Google." For the first time, turnover is stagnant this year. Your next challenge will be to expand your customer base. "There is a vain about who we are." [[aujourd’hui]]He's holding on. Too many people think that Camif is leaving for teachers. "Funding to fund new projects and return to TV commercials will be done soon." It is imperative to spread our values. "Her eye.

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