Thursday , May 19 2022

Cache cache of weapons in primary school


The investigation was entrusted to the forensic police (illustration). – Olivier Aballain / 20 Minutes

The 22-gauge revolver long rifle with a Glock brand pistol, cartridges and forty ammunition was discovered this Monday at the Jean-Zay school in Saint-Jean-de-Braye (Loiret). The toilets were hidden in the false ceilings of the toilets. Parisian.

He is a worker who has to work in the school's health facilities in the evenings.

He takes the guns home and changes his mind.

The man, before informing the police about the alarming finding of the municipal police, decided to bring the arsenal back to his house before changing his mind and putting it back on the construction site again the following morning.

Prosecutor Nicolas Bessone seized the judicial police to conduct the investigation, says France Bleu Orléans. 26-year-old worker was detained. Also, according to the ground, no child had access to the toilet room where the guns were.

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