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Bruno Genesio (coach of Lyon): "This season you want to win something" – Foot – Ligue 1

Three-day beard, seasonal cough, Bruno Genesio smiles on the eve of the press conference at the derby. For her, pure Lyonnais, this appointment is a little more than a meeting of Ligue 1. He even planned to remind his actors the reception of Saint-Etienne …

"What is the status of the labor force after this ceasefire?
Everyone works outside of Gouiri (knees). Léo Dubois was not restored and Jérémy Morel was suspended.

Do you expect to change the system in the absence of Morel?
I won't answer … (smile). Either we keep the same system, we can put Kenny, Oumar, or someone else, or we'il go back in four. 3-5-2 is more suitable for players, especially for the power and quality of offensive players. They are on the axis and partly for the comfort of two parts in front. That's why I went back to this scheme.

Does he refuse to play on Friday after the ceasefire?
No. Even if tactical is inactive, we're used to it. Also, the property of Tanguy (Ndombele) and Ferland (Mendy) is part of a positive dynamic for them and therefore for the team. I found them happy. Kenny (Tete) and Memphis (Depay) have been qualified and successful in the last 4 of the League of Nations (with the Netherlands): they are also positive. Martin (Terrier) and Lucas (Tousart) were able to follow. And Bertrand (Traoré) and Maxwel (Cornet) returned early enough. At the level of recovery, this is not a problem.

What do you think of this derby?
Still a derby, a separate game for everyone for the city. These are two people fighting each other, other values, other issues. Even less pure Lyonnais in the group preserves the same flavor.

Would there be more passion on Sunday night?
No, the passion will be in place, on the floor. And I can't find any more provocations or expressions. Earlier it had been said with Christophe (Galtier) and Jean-Louis (Gasset): it should not be added. A conflict remains on the ground.

Jean-Louis Gasset defended your work. Did you like it
He touches me when he comes from a colleague who knows what his job is, who is an assistant and a success as a number. He did a great job at Saint-Etienne. This is beautiful.

What do you think of Saint-Etienne?
The club worked well and was structured. Retained frames. It allows 6-7 to be in the best French clubs. Mostly decisive are players like Cabella, Khazri. Selnaes and Mvilla have two very important histories in their plays. The absence of Perrin can be harmful but well balanced.

"Sometimes I'm not fooled about the quality of the game"

Is it a competitor for the podium with quantitative limits of the team?
That's the question. If there are no injuries, the team can play a leading role and this early season proves it. He's not playing the European Cup. An ordinary team with character. It shows that there is quality and soul. Is it one of the best Saint-Etienne's for years? Exactly.

Does Gasset give you a favorite tag?
He is right. We're favorites, but we should show them in the field. There is more international, there is a bigger budget, but in a derby, with tension, there can be many things. It will be very, very difficult …

Are you protected from inconsistency?
I would say yes, because we've responded in big encounters. And these are the two biggest games to play against Saint-Etienne in France for the season. And this is the first of a beautiful series with the city. Players will be present.

What do you think about the lack of supporters?
I regret this because football is a party. And without supporters, it's not a real party. They have their place here. I understand then that the decisions are made for security reasons.

in ProgressYou said the job wasn't known enough.
… what is important is to perform well in time. What I want is to look at the balance sheet for up to three years. It doesn't mean that everything is perfect, nothing should be developed. Sometimes I'm not fooled about the quality of the game.

When you hear the voices of possible successors, does this affect you?
It doesn't bother me, it's business. You have to live around and do your job. In football, nobody is irreplaceable and eternal. I'm already showing up in matches until I cease. At the end of the season we will buy the stocks. I have no idea. I'm not going to complain about a decision I made four months ago. First of all, you want to win something with Lyon this season. "

Hervé Penot

Hervé Penot

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