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Apex Legends: A binary mode is coming soon! – News

After reaching the milestone of 70 million players, Apex Legends plans to continue the wave of success and also announces that a broadcast duet has not been released.

The announcement was shared on the official Twitter of the game, followed by two successive legends. This will be available for the first time in the free Battle Royale to play the game mode. IStarting from November 5th, it will be available for a limited time. If Respawn had allowed him to participate in solo events in the past, this is a new one. Therefore, 30 teams must compete per session.

Meanwhile, the temporary Shadowfall mode, launched on Halloween, allows you to be alone in every night version of Kings Canyon. Among the 35 players of the game, the dead will reappear as "immortal" to join the "Shadow Team". This solo mode will end when the dual mode is turned on on November 5th.

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