Sunday , November 29 2020

Amazon warehouse targets Montélimar

After the Intermarché logistics base in Loriol on Wednesday, the Amazon in Montelimar, targeted by a yellow vest operation on Thursday. Thirty protestors installed a filter dam in front of an online sales giant's warehouse accused of not paying taxes in France. They let the truck pass every two hours.

They have the support of some car drivers to bring them coffee or to travel.

This process also affects Easydis, one of the logistic bases of the Casino in Portes de Provence. Only refrigerated trucks pass freely.

It also affects the electrical components store of Schneider. According to the head of the Montilien site, the blockade of Privas' Schneider plant (electric construction of Vivarais), the Ardèche factory being idle.

Continuous burns and filter dams continue

During the night in Drôme, two radars were burned. The radar building in the Lacra's working area between Chabrillan near the Crest and the Romans and Valence. These actions are not claimed, but we cannot ignore a connection with the movement in yellow vests.

A more peaceful action claimed that in the Romans, the stickers on the yellow vests were trapped in the ticket machines.

In addition, several filter dams are still active, but the waiting times are much shorter. The yellow vests in the Ardèche are still in Pouzin, Davézieux, Viviers, Saint-Just-d, Ardèche or Aubenas and Lavilledieu. In Drôme, especially in the passage of Livron and Loriol and the A7 in Malataverne (at the intersection of Montélimar-Sud), they still exist and are located in a group of mornings in the morning. Southern Valencia box office.

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