Tuesday , May 17 2022

Ajaccio: Euro recycling machine


Funny automaton. Or if you prefer kiosk. In Carrefour Finosello, on the ring road, before entering the shelves, this machine has a double advantage: on the one hand it allows to encourage customers in the supermarket to recycle plastic bottles and small boxes on the aluminum and on the other hand, by distributing the Euro in the form of coupons in the form of citizenship gesture reward.

Bir Indeed, this automation of Cycleen's company enables visitors to get rid of their bottles or cans while shopping, filing automatically sorts machine records, formats, and jobs, but most importantly, a supermarket partner, two bottles of large bottles and a small dime for use. It is also a citizen dedicated to the environment. Help some people to get money back, and if this is done every day, the amount can be clearly relative kuponCarrefour Finosello's deputy director, Sandra Piazza, explains D 'Olmo.

Collection made by Capa

On the island due to the waste crisis and therefore in Ajaccio, the direction of the supermarket has taken into account this initiative already established in northern Europe. "Being a troubled, direct and indirect actor, we certainly wanted to do something and especially provoke in refractory persons for sorting and recyclingyoung woman inserts.

The Vice President of Capa, François Filoni, responsible for the waste problem, and the daily collection, therefore, are satisfied with this eco-citizenship approach. "I think the future will demonstrate the usefulness of this kind of initiative. All studies show her The waste collected with this application is multiplied by six. "

Another factor mentioned to optimize the utility of this automaton: studies show that for households that consume too much bottled water, the number of yellow bags to be deposited at the bottom of the buildings is reduced.

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