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a fifth object under the rubble of buildings


The bodies of two people and two women were discovered in the ruins of these buildings in the Noailles district, which were very popular on Tuesday.

On November 5th in Marseille.

Two days after the collapse of the two ruined buildings in the very popular area of ​​Noailles (Marseille), a fifth body was found around 6 in the rubble. This is a man.

The bodies of the other two men and two women were discovered by reliefs in the remains of these buildings in the Noailles region, which were very popular on Tuesday. According to the authorities, the debris can be buried up to eight people.

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Unfortunate to find survivors

Rescuers will continue on Wednesday to seek out a large amount of rubble pile on survivors, but officials tried to find more victims. "Five very, very likely"Besides the "Three visitors" Marseille public prosecutor said Tuesday evening that he was one of the collapsed buildings at rue d & # 39; Aubagne, no. 65. On Tuesday night, the bodies have not been identified yet.

There is "It's not possible to find survival pockets"On Monday, Interior Minister Christophe Castaner said the collapse of a third building crushed the morning storm on Monday afternoon. Since the disaster, the authorities have announced that the search will continue for a few days, up to 15 meters.

The digger helps rescuers to clear large trashes, while the dog teams with special dogs climb the mounds for clues. However, on Monday night and Tuesday morning, heavy rains increased relief and risks.

105 evacue

In small groups, residents of many adjacent buildings were able to enter their homes on Tuesday afternoon to recover their personal belongings, but were forbidden to stay in buildings for security, governor of the area, Pierre Dartout.

One hundred and five people who were evacuated in the 60 hotel rooms in the city center for security reasons reported that they had been criticized by the inhabitants of rue de Aubagne, condemning the bad conditions of the buildings.

Among those who collapsed 63 "Closed and walled"According to the city hall, which took after receiving a peril in 2008. Just like the summer of 2012, it was abandoned and walled like 67. In contrast, at number 65, 9 apartments lived on 10. By joint ownership on October 18th"Expertise of competent services that lead to the realization of comfort studies that allow reintegration of passengers"he reassured the mayor.

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"The town hall knew it."

"Hell is here, they know they're crap and people die for nothing"On Tuesday, it was reported Tuesday with Toufik Ben Rhouma of the AFP who predicted the collapse. "100% of the crime of the town hall". "The cockroaches are full. There is damage to the ceiling of running water. All these knew the town hall. [de la mairie] Less than a year ago thanks to the social worker. But the owner has information in the municipal hall, so he did nothing "Meanwhile, he blamed Anissa Ali Souali on hiring a studio with her husband and three children on the street.

In recent days, the mayor of the severe rains hypothesis, defending himself to explain the disaster. "Great job done [pour] abolition of worthless habitat. Since 2011, the municipality has made a major redevelopment plan for the city center, but it has not been able to solve this problem. According to a report submitted to the government in 2015, the worthless housing threatens the health or safety of 100,000 residents of Marseille.

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