Friday , January 22 2021

A few weeks after being bitten by a cat, rabies died

According to local authorities, a cat was bitten in Morocco by Brit, who died on Monday.

After being bitten by a cat during a trip to Morocco, a British died on Monday, reported La Voix du Nord. Public health agency Public Health The UK has benefited from this case to alert travelers to the risks of getting in touch with animals.

Up to three months of incubation. This death occurred a few weeks after the bite occurred in the kingdom of Sharifian. Jimmy Whitworth, a professor and doctor quoted by a health care provider, reminds us that rabies symptoms may interfere with up to three months after contact with an infected animal.

Importance of vaccines. However, sometimes the disease can be reported more quickly. Therefore, after a bite, the vaccine should be vaccinated with rapid vaccination. The one who neglected the dead victim on Monday. Once on a trip, Public Health UK recommends avoiding touching animals. Since 2000, five cases of rabies have been reported in the UK.

Fatal outcome. Rabies kills 59,000 people worldwide each year and exhibits the Institut Pasteur on its website. This disease affects the nervous system. Neurons cannot control the functioning of the heart or breathing. After developing the initial symptoms (difficulty swallowing, anxiety, agitation), the result is usually fatal after a coma phase.

A child who died in France in 2017. The disease is usually transmitted by the dog, but the virus is also found in bats on the European continent. "No cases of human rabies have been reported in the metropolitan French territory since 1924. In 2008, a human case was reported in Guyana, possibly as a result of a bat bite", explains the Pasteur Institute. The last death recorded in France in relation to this disease is a 10-year-old child after a stay in Sri Lanka.

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