Thursday , September 29 2022

A father complains from YouTube, Whatsapp and the state


Momo would communicate with his victims via Whatsapp – Portable capture

His son was found dead hanging in his room with an arch of kimono. A father filed a lawsuit against Rennes, near Rennes, on Monday, after his death in mid-October, against "Whatsapp", a youth and state meeting venue. A complaint has been filed with the gendarmerie of La Guerche de Bretagne confirmed by the public prosecutor in Rennes.

Filled with life and project, Kendal would not commit suicide by her parents, but would be trapped in the "Momo Challenge." This macabre game, accessible via WhatsApp instant messaging, threatens its participants by encouraging them to take dangerous actions until their death.

René Gattino told AFP, "I accuse YouTube, Whatsapp, and of accusing the youth." ”I don't think that the state has adequately addressed the dangers of youth in these areas,“ he said. . When you fall, we don't understand (re) we thought we were quiet in the countryside. But the internet is everywhere and we don't secure it, ded he accused.

"Psychological pressure in most young people"

With these steps, the family wants to warn the people to avoid other dramas of the same nature. "The investigation, and especially the technical investigations, are actively working to try to determine the exact circumstances of the death," the AFP quoted Monday as saying. Said. Shortly after his death, the magistrate stated that the investigators were examining whether they could protect the asyon provocation qualification for suicides over minors from 15 years korun.

Before the return, LREM deputy from Hatay-de-Seine Gabriel Attal became Secretary of Education and Secretary of State Gerard Collomb asked a question to warn him of the danger of his dangers. Momo Challenge.

He pointed to the youngest "psychological pressure" that "puts them in danger by forcing them to do more dangerous threats." In 2017, national police warned against the risks of a similar game called "The Blue Whale Struggle," which confronts young people with more dangerous challenges for up to 50 days: suicide.

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