Saturday , November 28 2020

11 steps to reduce cancer risk

The Cancer Association has prepared a list of 11 measures to reduce the number of cancer by 40%.

"In 2013, in France, 1000 cancer cases per day, in 2017 1100'e went up. mortality fixed Thanks to treatments, it is time to call for general mobilization for prevention, genel said Christophe Leroux, director of communication for cancer at the League. League prepared a list for the first general meeting. 11 "flagship proposals" This makes it possible to fight against the explosion of cancer cases.

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Cancer can be transferred from generation to generation.

; At least 40% of cancers can be prevented, az according to the Leader, who expresses behavioral or environmental factors related cancers. Therefore, in addition to other measures:

  • genesis Shared medical record A cancer risk document (DMP) containing three components: a page on occupational hazards, a page for environmental risks, and an exposure page related to the habitat.
  • Separate 10% of national health spending from organized prevention (this spending is currently 3%).
  • Increase the selling price of alcohol and tobacco Acting according to the taxes of these products.
  • Create a "nutriscore" labeling type to give information about the risks associated with certain products (household ring, plant health …).
  • To allocate 20% of the total amount allocated to cancer research systematically to prevention research.

Half cancers from viruses

Another target of the league is the division of "viro-induced" cancers with their names, the cancers caused by viruses. papilloma virus or hepatitis virus. In particular, it is recommended that boys and girls encourage free vaccination against HPV from secondary school. And to set up information campaigns and hepatitis screening.

Finally, the Association Against Cancer uses prevention tools that specifically target second cancer risks, and relapse occurs.

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