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WU, Mekelle University sign memorandum of understanding

A memorandum of understanding between Washington University and Mekelle University in Ethiopia will promote future cooperation between the two universities.

Although the tickler, signed over the summer, is not legally binding, administrators hope that it will lay the groundwork for future joint research and education programs.

The relationship between the two universities dates back to 2011, when Washington University Dr. David Clifford reached out to his former neurology fellow Enawgaw Mehari, Ethiopia.

“For me, the most logical area to try to help with medical education and there is no shortage of it for the severe physician shortage in Ethiopia,” Clifford wrote in an email to Mehari.

Mehari recommended Mekelle University as a partner for Clifford’s medical education initiative. In 2011, Clifford visited Mekelle University, and in 2012, three Mekelle faculty members visited Washington University, beginning a long-standing collaboration between the universities.

“There's probably been close to 30 faculty from Washington University, mainly from the medical school, who have been to Mekelle in various capacities over the last seven or eight years,” said L. Lewis Wall, Professor of Medical Anthropology.

Wall himself spent eight months at Mekelle University's College of Health Sciences in 2014, and continues to study with the University of Ethiopia. Currently, the partnership between the two universities involves medicine and health, but Wall believes that the new memorandum will encourage collaboration in other disciplines.

Inter The interactions to date of medicine and public health-related, but we’ve started discussions with the School of Engineering [and] the School of Law, ”Wall said. “There’s interest in developing some English language capacity-building programs. Goal So, the goal is not just to be in medicine, but to try to extend the relationship across all the activities of the University. ”

Dr. Mengesha Teshome, who has helped develop curricula for Mekelle University’s School of Medicine.

Esh So much so that it has been achieved in the form of a validation, ”Teshome said. Agreement This agreement will serve as a point of reference. Now that the partnership is ‘formal,’ requesting institutional support to run these programs will have a basis. ”

One such program could be a formal study abroad program at Mekelle University.

Esh I would hope that we would be able to do a junior year abroad program. ”Teshome said. “So that stuff is all in the works.”

Looking forward, Teshome believes that the partnership will challenge students to explore new ideas and develop new skills.

Esh I believe we learn much through exposure to different cultures, different experiences and different places. ”Esh Teshome said. “University of Washington students who will get the opportunity to visit the University of Mekelle and learn from the field of cultural competence, humanities, resourcefulness, skill sets and more.”

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