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The rise of Andy Robertson, Gary Neville's obsession and other things he missed from the Liverpool season so far


Now there are 12 games in Liverpool's Premier League season.

Jurgen Klopp & # 39; s side was unbeaten in the second place, and Manchester City leaders led the international break.

There were unforgettable moments during every game – Roberto Firmino's last booty prize against Paris Saint-Germain.

Roberto Firmino of Liverpool wins against Paris St-Germain
Roberto Firmino of Liverpool wins against Paris St-Germain

At the same time, there were a lot of humorous and interesting incidents that couldn't attract the attention of anyone interested in that time, which stressed that ECHO's moments were missing after every match – I think of Mohamed Salah's special lap when she encounters a young boy. He stepped towards him during the Ham game.

In addition, Reds sürs campaign also has themes that have been going on so far. Some of these deserve to be mentioned.

Five striking things you could have missed from Liverpool's season to the present.

Dejan Lovren's impact on the field

The Croatian central bank may not have the time to play too much this season – competition for injuries and places to blame – but it did not prevent it from affecting it elsewhere.

First, enter the head of well-known actors, including Real Madrid's Sergio Ramos, with several people involved in the world, including Chelsea's Mateo Kovacic, and then Peter, amongst the best advocates in the world. He came from his words which he would not mention in Schmeichel.

Dejan Lovren and Sergio Ramos
Dejan Lovren and Sergio Ramos

Later, when they proclaimed Sergio Ramos as the defender of the season, he made a hundred palm emojis in the comments of a Champions League Instagram post.

This was followed by a couple of reviews of the di world's best advocate indeki and a stake in the center of Real Madrid.

At that time, Lovren said that his mistakes were more emphasized than Ramos.

The Liverpool title could hit its rivals with a two-year transfer ban – and other clubs

It decided to take care of Ramos and retreat.

He also spoke to Salah over and over again and developed a brominity with the Egyptians, while determining how well other Liverpool teammates were in the process.

This close connection with Salah can make Egypt feel more at home and say good news, because if you can play football with your friends, why would they play elsewhere?

Struggling Liverpool's opponents and making the best players in the club a solid impact on everyone's books.

Andy Robertson plays his success on the left

Andy Robertson and Trent Alexander-Arnold's duo led key attacks for Reds. The majority of Liverpool's midfielders don't create enough luck, so input from defenders is vital.

At every opportunity, both Alexander-Arnold and Robertson completed all their helpers across 2017/18, setting a goal against Fulham.

Trent Alexander-Arnold and Andy Robertson from Liverpool during a training session at Melwood
Trent Alexander-Arnold and Andy Robertson from Liverpool during a training session at Melwood

And five, the Scottish international Liverpool this season is the best goal creator ever.

This proved how Robertson came to be and, in most of the last 25 years, the position that disturbed Liverpool.

In the past, Anfield was a field that allowed players like Aly Cissokho, Julian Dicks and Paul Konchesky to vote for his career.

Emiliano Insua, Gregory Vignal, Christian Ziege and Jose Enrique all achieved various degrees of success there.

This is a position where midfielder James Milner plays for the entire season due to lack of viability options.

Riyadh Mahrez from Manchester City played with Andy Robertson from Liverpool in the Premier League match between Liverpool Liverpool and Manchester City in Anfield

Robertson, an athletic left-back, was struggling to enter the Liverpool team 12 months ago. Jurgen Klopp chose Alberto Moreno in the fourth season because his signature from Hull continued to adapt to what his new club wanted to work for.

However, prior to the decline, Moreno's injury in the form of his own Liverpool career opened the door for Robertson to develop in December of last year.

It's fair to say he hasn't seen since.

After he won Fulham in the post-match media assignments, he saw Alexander-Arnold regaining a full rewards with the man of the match, where he spoke about the friendship rivalry in the back.

"It's a long season and the competition brings the best," Alexander-Arnold said. "Healthy and there's a joke about it, we're pushing each other to be the best we can be."

The pair later shared a joke with Alexander-Arnold's award for Robertson, who said:; He is the best person to give! Par

For a long time, the small war with Alexander-Arnold may continue.

Incredible effect of cheapest summer signing

Xherdan Shaqiri celebrates after scoring in the match between Liverpool and Fulham
Xherdan Shaqiri celebrates after scoring in the match between Liverpool and Fulham

It wasn't hard to see until now that Xherdan Shaqiri was one of the best players of Liverpool's season.

For the Reds audience, the Swiss playmaker came to Melwood for a fee of £ 13 million, after reaching £ 40 million by Fabinho, 54 million pounds by Naby Keita and 56 million TL by Merseyside & # 39; then you will see the positive difference they receive.

It was clear that Anfield had a huge impact, but it was quite remarkable how good it was.

Alisson Becker, Fabinho, Xherdan Shaqiri and Naby Keita
Alisson Becker, Fabinho, Xherdan Shaqiri and Naby Keita

A question for all of you from Liverpool fan and statistician Andrew Beasley.

Two goals against Fulham, what is common with the following choice? Triple against Southampton, the first three of Red Star's victory and Sadio Mane's first goal against Cardiff?

Naby Keita is about the ongoing Liverpool challenge – and what Jurgen Klopp told her

You wouldn't be wrong if they said they were all thrown in Anfield. It would be fair to note that Liverpool had become clear in the matches they expected to win.

But probably the most notable aspect of these nine goals was laid for 204 minutes when Liverpool brought together all over Roberto Firmino, Mane Mohamed Salah and Xherdan Shaqiri.

Liverpool scored goals with Philippe Coutinho and his team in every 32 minutes, but every 23 minutes they found the net with the current quadruple attacking quartet.

From the first half of last season, the real and realistic comparisons of Reds' main fourth will have to wait for a while, but this is progressing a bit.

Gary Neville's longstanding Liverpool obsession

Another day, another story about the former Manchester United full-back, gave Sky Sports pundit a talk about Liverpool.

No doubt, you've noticed one or two of the things Neville said about Liverpool this season, but you'll be forgiven for missing at least some of them.

The positive comments can't help the shrewd excavations, but the 43-year-old has had a lot of talk about the side of Jurgen Klopp.

It's all in the summer, when Xherdan Shaqiri is linked to a move to Liverpool and Neville isn't able to help, but the quarterback from Switzerland during the World Cup is called # unprofessional ay and says dan it's not a fan Her started. Although these comments were silenced by Shaqiri quickly.

As the first day of the season quickly progressed, the pundit muttered about Virgil van Dijk, who confessed the Dutchman was wrong and confessed to the threat of the Reds' teams.

Jump a little further and see Nevon go to eat his words again by wearing a Shaqiri signed Liverpool jersey on television.

Jamie Carragher, Shaqiri smiles all while revealing his shirt
Jamie Carragher, Shaqiri smiles all while revealing his shirt

He also talked repeatedly about Liverpool's chances of winning the Liverpool title and said Liverpool should ignore the Champions League – almost to everyone's amazement, including Klopp.

He followed the claims that Trent Alexander-Arnold was suffering from fatigue – he was rejected by himself in succession – and then came to the Twitter question and the reply session.

Bored with bored on a train, the 15-minute Q & A kept football fans and couldn't help but praised Liverpool, but it proved to be very hard when the old habits won in the Reds.

He chose Van Dijk as one of the two best advocates in the world and said that Liverpool's front three were better than Manchester City but gave a chance to ask a question:; Do you want to? won the Salford league instead, and so did Liverpool? Or didn't Salford get up and win the Liverpool league? "

Neville, the co-owner of the conference club, responded with a third option and wrote: "I fell deeper than Salford won the league's win."

The latest speaker on Liverpool came from Neville's podcast when he summarized Liverpool's problem. It was not only because they didn't win enough games, but they were the only people who could get points from the city.

Pep Guardiola's team has been on its way to becoming the first high-level party to maintain its championship since 2008/09, and Sky Sports pundit says: lar Citizens have only one competitor to abandon themselves – Liverpool, the rest is fighting to catch the point.

We think it only covers most of Neville's comments.

Liverpool's international stars and stars

Mohamed Salah shows his atelini in Melwood.

Liverpool Football Club has a global appeal and it's no secret.

Although the players are great in countries all over the world, this season is highlighted several times and quite surprising.

First, there was an insight into how Sevil was loved in Egypt.

The picture shows the star of Mohamed Salah after a stunning performance against Cardiff in the Premier League

Manchester United fan Marwan Ahmed, the two teams will play in the African country stadium Twitter has published an image.

The picture showed a gigantic screen that watched the Reds encounter against Bluebirds live, and the result of why this was done was that Salah played in the game.

The broadcast was shown for more than four hours before deciding to play two Egyptian teams.

Then came Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, an incredible gift to support the journey back to a Senbazuru, a complete sport.

The gift, meaning literally a thousand cranes, was given to Liverpool Liverpool fans by the Japanese Liverpool Supporters Club.

The amazing structure is a makeover of 1000 origami crane held together by the string.

The ancient Japanese legend promises that all the people who folded thousands of origami cranes will be voiced by the gods.

Of course, when Liverpool fans took Manchester United to the United States, the Big House was also pre-season when they filled the 101,000-seat stadium.

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