Friday , October 22 2021

Stan Lee tells his fans in a post-mortem video: "I can't tell you how much I love them."


Stan Lee loved his fans.

In a poignant video shared on Thursday's comic book legend's official Twitter account, Lee gushes about how grateful she is for her fans.

Aşk It's an equal love. It's a love festival. I can't tell how much I love my fans, Hayran he said.

”Sometimes, I'm sitting here at night, and I think,“ Ah. What is it about? "" Continued. . Then I received a letter from one of the fans or read something or something, or something I remember, and I understand it's very lucky to have fans. Fans who really care about you. "


The creator of the late Marvel superheroes continued to tell his fans that the reason he cared was because "he made me feel so good".

Harika When you think about it, there's something, it's something you care about, someone you don't care about, who you don't know, who's great at who we can live in another part of the world, “he explained. "But they care, you have something in common, and sometimes you're connecting to each other."

"These fans work, I think are great," he concluded. "And I love them all."

On Monday, Lee, an attorney of Lee's daughter, Spiderman, The Fantastic Four and The Incredible Hulk, introduced a creative dynamo to the super heroes of the comic book world by introducing human feats, Cedars-Sinai Medicine. He said he was declared dead in the Center. Los Angeles.


Then, in a statement to Fox News, Stan Lee's CEO of POW's Water Shane Duffy! Entertainment, he said: "We're Stan Lee Lee POW! He's upset by the loss of Stan Lee, the father of our fun friend and mentor. The time he spends today is a devastating and painful memory, but it shows the legacy of Stan Lee. through his creative genius and character universes, he will continue to reach the world of true believers for future generations.

"Our thoughts and prayers continued not only by his family and admirers, but also as a friend who made the world a better place," he said. , He was a true iconic pioneer without a comparable second. It was an honor to work for him. Yanında

Lee, the best writer and later publisher of Marvel Comics, presented the costumes and actions prepared by young readers of the industry in the 1960s, while persisting on sophisticated terrains, college-level dialogue, satire, science fiction, and even philosophy. revived

Fox News & # 39; Tyler McCarthy and Associated Press contributed to this report.

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