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Sam Raimi, In The Spider-Man, He Didn't Want to Cameo Stan Lee


Two days have passed since the death of Stan Lee, the legend of Marvel Comics. Take the director of 2002, Sam Raimi. Spider Man. Although Lee was not yet known as the King of Cameo, he was not with him when asked to include Lee in his debut feature Web-Slinger from Raimi. As Raimi remembers:

As Sam Raimi had previously told THR, he met Stan Lee, whom he had been working on before. Spider Man. After the release of Raimi's Darkman, Lee called the director and said he liked the film. Two came together for lunch and told Lee Raimi that she wanted to work with her. Thor film. Men wrote some treatments and were thrown into the 20th-century Fox, but since 1991 this studio wasn't interested in the project, which would be released ten years before the superhero film genre. However, Raimi's time spent with Lee, comic book writer, editor and publisher said he had no gangs of acting.

However, because of pressure from producer Avi Arad, Sam Raimi had to include Stan Lee. Spider Man anyway, and ultimately worked for both Raimi and the audience. Lee appears briefly in the film to remove a passerby from the road before being crushed by scavengers, as you see below.

Sam Raimi brought Stan Lee back. Spiderman 2 and Spiderman 3 He also saw that Lee had another civilian rescue and those who saw him spoke to Tobey Maguire at Peter Parker. Lee will be brought back to the cameos later Incredible Spiderman, The Amazing Spiderman 2 and Spiderman: Return HomeApparently, there are only a few of the many Marvel movies.

It is worth mentioning before. Spider ManStan Lee already had some cameras under the belt, not included X MenShe was one of the best seaside beaches on the shore to see Senator Kelly out of bare water. His first screen came on the cameo 1989 TV movie on Marvel The Incredible Hulk's Essayand out of the Marvel area, Kevin Smith had a small but important role. Mallrats.

With a critical and commercial hit, Spider Man He was one of the first to popularize cinematic superheroes in the modern age. So there and without his looks X MenIt would probably be comprehensive enough to continue, as Lee would continue recently. Despite the passing of Lee, there are a few deadly miniatures, including. Spider-Man: Spider-Verse and Avengers 4.

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